Resources for Manufacturing Marketers

The Ultimate ABM Pre-Launch Checklist for Manufacturers

Read Time: 15 mins

Topic: Account-Based Marketing, Digital Marketing

An account-based approach to marketing is critical to maximizing your revenue potential within niche B2B markets. If you’re planning to set your ABM strategy and start launching targeted campaigns, this checklist will help you ensure you’re in the best possible position to achieve ABM success.

4 ROI Metrics Your CEO Will Ask About [And how to be prepared to answer]

Topic: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing

Type: Articles & Guides

In the past marketers relied solely on outbound push strategies, pouring money into interruption based lead generation activities like buying email lists, cold calling, executing mass mail campaigns, and buying advertising space. These efforts aren’t only expensive, but hard to measure and difficult to control. Additionally, there isn’t any long-term value associated with outbound marketing […]

Is Your Website Content Attracting Quality Leads?

Topic: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing

Type: Articles & Guides

Content is king. In fact, content is king, queen and crown prince of the Internet. So why would you go through the trouble of creating a beautifully designed website that is full of sub par content? Content is what attracts people to your site. If you are thinking about redeveloping your website, a content evaluation […]

10 Tips to Kick Start your Business Blog

Topic: Business Strategy, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing

Type: Articles & Guides

Starting a blog for your business might feel a bit overwhelming. Newly minted bloggers often struggle to come up with enough relevant topics to continuously generate new content. Luckily, there are a number of quick and easy tips to overcome this problem. These 10 simple tips will help you tap into relevant conversations and generate […]

How to Create Email Newsletters your Subscribers Actually Want to Read

Topic: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing

Type: Articles & Guides

Email newsletters often get a bad reputation. Some marketers are guilty of abusing email privileges and sending too many sales pitch emails. Such efforts soil relationships with contacts in your email list. A well crafted email newsletter provides readers with focused, valuable content. Things like white papers, best practice guides, educational content, or content exclusively […]

What is Inbound Marketing?

Topic: Digital Marketing

Type: Articles & Guides

When we talk to sales and marketing teams about how they generate leads we often hear about cold calling, conferences, trade shows, print ads and emailing purchased lists. These ‘outbound marketing’ techniques are examples of how marketers push their messages out to the masses, hoping that their messages will break through the noise and resonate […]


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