Resources for Manufacturing Marketers

The Ultimate ABM Pre-Launch Checklist for Manufacturers

Read Time: 15 mins

Topic: Account-Based Marketing, Digital Marketing

An account-based approach to marketing is critical to maximizing your revenue potential within niche B2B markets. If you’re planning to set your ABM strategy and start launching targeted campaigns, this checklist will help you ensure you’re in the best possible position to achieve ABM success.

Inbound Marketing Strategy: 3 Things Your ROI Analysis is Missing

Topic: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation

Type: Articles & Guides

It seems like ever since Philadelphia merchant John Wanamaker said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half,” marketers have had to work overtime to prove the ROI of their marketing efforts. As an inbound marketer, you already know the power of customer attribution and closed-loop […]

Designing Websites for Multiple Buyer Personas

Topic: Design, Digital Marketing

Type: Articles & Guides

Designing a website for multiple personas can feel like a daunting task. After all, every persona is different, with different demographics, psychographics, goals, challenges, and identifiers. Your goal is to make the site feel custom designed for each individual who visits—as if the site was made specifically for them. When something feels like it’s been […]

How To Nail An Inbound-Optimized Website Redesign

Topic: Content Marketing, Design, Digital Marketing

Type: Articles & Guides

Like building a house without a blueprint, redesigning your website without a solid inbound plan can leave you dealing with poor construction, a lack of functionality, and a wasted budget. Answering these critical five questions before you redesign your website is an excellent start, and developing a more comprehensive inbound strategy at the outset of your redesign project can […]

Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Counts on Great Social Selling

Topic: Digital Marketing, HubSpot, Lead Generation, Social Media

Type: Articles & Guides

According to data recently released in the 2017 State of Inbound, social selling is rapidly gaining traction as a critical component of any B2B inbound marketing strategy. With interest on the rise, salespeople and the inbound marketers who support them want to learn more about the potential benefits of social selling, as well as how to […]

You Have A New Site… Now What? How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Website Redesign

Topic: Conversion Rate Optimization, Design

Type: Articles & Guides

You’ve just completed your website redesign (using the best practices outlined in our Website Redesign Guide, of course), and you’re ready for the results to start rolling in. Since the redesign was not only a big undertaking but a healthy investment, you assume you’ll start to see conversion rates rise and revenue growth very soon. […]


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