Resources for Manufacturing Marketers

The Ultimate ABM Pre-Launch Checklist for Manufacturers

Read Time: 15 mins

Topic: Account-Based Marketing, Digital Marketing

An account-based approach to marketing is critical to maximizing your revenue potential within niche B2B markets. If you’re planning to set your ABM strategy and start launching targeted campaigns, this checklist will help you ensure you’re in the best possible position to achieve ABM success.

Navigating the Manufacturing Marketing Maze - Jeff White and Carman Pirie

How B2B Manufacturing Marketing Differs From The Rest: Thoughts on Our Sunny Side Up Podcast Appearance

Topic: Account-Based Marketing

Type: Articles & Guides

A short time ago Jeff and Carman, our founders and hosts of The Kula Ring, joined Chris Moody on The Sunnyside Up Podcast. If you are unaware, it is a wonderful podcast created by our partners at Demandbase. As a market leader in the Account Based Marketing software space, the folks at Demandbase certainly understand […]


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