Kula Partners Releases Synchrostack: the Integration Platform that Connects WooCommerce to Anything

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Halifax-based digital agency Kula Partners today announced the release of Synchrostack, a proprietary integration platform which helps businesses using WooCommerce—the most popular ecommerce platform on the web—connect ecommerce with their entire tech stack.

Synchrostack is marketed beyond Kula Partners’ manufacturing focus and is borne out of the demand for savvy ecommerce businesses to be able to integrate their online store with disparate systems. With Synchrostack, businesses using WooCommerce can integrate ecommerce with their entire tech stack—including CRM, ERP, marketing automation, PIM, point of sale, and accounting applications.

“Connecting WooCommerce to everything is revolutionary for businesses—enabling a single view of customer, connecting online and in-store buying to create seamless customer experiences, and driving sales by enabling retailers to conduct smarter, more contextual marketing based on real-time customer data,” says Jeff W. White, Kula Partners and Synchrostack co-founder. “Integration with Synchrostack can also help businesses eliminate time lost to data entry, lack of closed-loop analytics, and costly errors due to incorrect data.”

Synchrostack is best suited to businesses demanding enterprise-calibre integration of multiple systems with WooCommerce.

Matt Rogers, President of Bishop’s Cellar—a popular independent wine and liquor store which sells in-store and online—recently integrated WooCommerce with HubSpot marketing automation and NCR Counterpoint POS using Synchrostack. “The integration has been a game-changer for Bishop’s Cellar,” says Rogers. “Having doubled our customer base and product portfolio in the last five years, maintaining two sets of data became unmanageable and time-consuming for our team. By connecting our tech stack with Synchrostack, we’ve shifted that energy to better serving customers—including delivering better promotions based on their tastes and interests and providing them with a seamless experience in-store and online.”

About Synchrostack

Integrate anything with WooCommerce. Revolutionize everything. Synchrostack allows you to integrate WooCommerce with your entire tech stack—including CRM, marketing automation, ERP, PIM, POS, accounting apps, and more—to increase sales, simplify operations, improve customer experience, and grow your business. For more information, visit https://synchrostack.com/.

About Kula Partners

Kula Partners is an agency committed to helping leading B2B manufacturers craft digital experiences that transform how they engage buyers, serve customers, and outpace their competition online. We are headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and work primarily with North American-based manufacturing clients marketing within complex B2B selling environments. For more information, visit https://kulapartners.com/.


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