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Navigating the Manufacturing Marketing Maze - Jeff White and Carman Pirie

How B2B Manufacturing Marketing Differs From The Rest: Thoughts on Our Sunny Side Up Podcast Appearance

Topic: Account-Based Marketing

Type: Articles & Guides

A short time ago Jeff and Carman, our founders and hosts of The Kula Ring, joined Chris Moody on The Sunnyside Up Podcast. If you are unaware, it is a wonderful podcast created by our partners at Demandbase. As a market leader in the Account Based Marketing software space, the folks at Demandbase certainly understand […]

Reimagine Your Manufacturing Brand Online: An Introductory Guide

Topic: Design

Type: Articles & Guides

For newly developed or redeveloped manufacturing brands, digital considerations should be baked into visual design elements. However, legacy manufacturing brands may encounter issues that prevent them from being seamlessly integrated with the current standards of digital platforms. For legacy manufacturing brands where visual elements originated in print, marketers and related stakeholders need to become aware […]

How to Execute Account-Based Marketing Campaigns with Terminus and HubSpot

Topic: Account-Based Marketing, HubSpot, Terminus

Type: Articles & Guides

Manufacturing marketers are turning their attention to Account-Based Marketing to augment more traditional digital marketing channels. If you’re still learning about what ABM is and why you might need it, have a read of this account-based marketing blog post that our own Floyd Peyton wrote over three years ago. While the technologies may have evolved since then, the description of the methodology […]

Fatal Flaws of the Funnel: Why B2B Manufacturers Must Take a People-Centered Approach to Sales & Marketing

Topic: Account-Based Marketing, Business Strategy, Digital Marketing

Type: Articles & Guides

Is your B2B manufacturer’s marketing and sales strategy shaped by “The Funnel”?  The funnel model is a modern mainstay, suggesting that marketing’s job is to bring prospects into the “top” of the funnel through a variety of tactics, convert them into leads, qualify and handle them, pass them to sales to assess the opportunities, and […]

How to Make Your Manufacturer’s Trade Show Presence More Impactful & Measurable

Topic: Digital Marketing, Events, Lead Generation

Type: Articles & Guides

This article was originally published on the Gardner Business Media Marketing Blog. Attending and sponsoring trade shows and other events has been an effective marketing tactic for manufacturers for a long time. These events give you the opportunity to meet new contacts, generate leads, engage with the industry, and put your brand’s best foot forward.  However, […]

The Kula Ring Brings Onsite Podcasting to ManufacturED 2019

Topic: Events

Type: Articles & Guides

Happening September 16-18, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois, ManufacturED is the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI)’s premier event—designed to inspire strategic thinking about what it means for manufacturers to thrive in today’s digitally connected world. The Kula Ring podcast is pleased to be the official Media Sponsor of ManufacturED 2019. Hosts and Kula Partners cofounders Carman Pirie and Jeff W. […]

Kula Partners Releases Synchrostack: the Integration Platform that Connects WooCommerce to Anything

Topic: Business Strategy, Development

Type: Articles & Guides

Halifax-based digital agency Kula Partners today announced the release of Synchrostack, a proprietary integration platform which helps businesses using WooCommerce—the most popular ecommerce platform on the web—connect ecommerce with their entire tech stack. Synchrostack is marketed beyond Kula Partners’ manufacturing focus and is borne out of the demand for savvy ecommerce businesses to be able […]

Designing Manufacturing Websites for Everyone & Avoiding Accessibility Lawsuits

Topic: Business Strategy, Design, Development, Insights

Type: Articles & Guides

I’ll start with a question: do you know if your website can easily be accessed and used by someone with a disability? Many marketers don’t know that guidelines exist for developing an accessible website, let alone that if their website is not designed and maintained to be accessible by people with disabilities, that they’re actually […]

The QSP Trap & How Manufacturers Can Achieve Effective Brand Differentiation

Topic: Business Strategy

Type: Articles & Guides

This article was originally published on the Gardner Business Media Marketing Blog. There is one common brand positioning trap that captures more manufacturers than any other. In fact, the trap is so commonplace that many actually believe it is folly to not fall into it. Ask most manufacturers to define what sets them apart from their competitors, and […]


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