The Kula Ring Brings Onsite Podcasting to ManufacturED 2019


Happening September 16-18, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois, ManufacturED is the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI)’s premier event—designed to inspire strategic thinking about what it means for manufacturers to thrive in today’s digitally connected world.

The Kula Ring podcast is pleased to be the official Media Sponsor of ManufacturED 2019. Hosts and Kula Partners cofounders Carman Pirie and Jeff W. White will be podcasting onsite, interviewing manufacturing leaders about how they are preparing for and embracing the digital transformation taking place in the industry. Stay tuned as details regarding onsite interviews are confirmed.

A few of the speakers and sessions we’re most excited for include:

  • Culture as Strategy: The Dual Bottom Line to Create a Better Business — Sept. 17 @ 11:15 AM — Marvin Riley, President and CEO of EnPro, will explain how EnPro has developed a culture that focuses on the dual bottom line of business growth and personal growth.
  • Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World — Sept. 17 @ 4:00 PM — Author of 2016 bestseller, Deep Work, and Georgetown professor Cal Newport makes a case for focus and how cultivating this increasingly valuable skill can help manufacturers gain a massive competitive advantage.
  • Jumpstart Your Digital Enterprise Evolution — Sept. 18 @ 9:45 AM — Raj Batra, President, Digital Factories, Siemens USA, will share insights into where manufacturers should start on the path to becoming a digital enterprise—and what matters most along the way—based on Siemens’ customer experiences.

View the full agenda here (and the incredible lineup of speakers therein). 

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