Episode 296

Build a Manufacturing Brand Through Social Media

Jim Cahill

Featuring Jim Cahill, Chief Blogger and Head of Social Marketing at Emerson Automation Solutions

July 16, 2024

On the Kula Ring podcast this week, we had the opportunity to speak with Jim Cahill, the Chief Blogger and the Head of Social Marketing at Emerson Automation Solutions. Since 2006, Jim has been cultivating Emerson’s social media presence and digital brand. Over his 33-year career at the company, Jim has witnessed a lot of change in marketing, starting with the introduction of internet marketing in the mid-90s, ‘Web 2.0’, and most recently how the pandemic shook up the marketing industry as a whole. Listen to Jim as he shares his industry knowledge on the best social media tactics that manufacturing marketers can implement to build connections with their audience and create social media content that drives sales.

Episode 295

Beyond Conversion Rate Optimization: The Art of Digital Experience

Jon MacDonald

Featuring Jon MacDonald, President and Founder of The Good and author of Behind the Click

July 9, 2024

The Kula Ring this week is digging into digital journey optimization with Jon MacDonald, founder of The Good. Jon shares insights from his extensive experience helping brands like Nike and Xerox improve user experiences and conversions. Discover how understanding consumer psychology and optimizing digital touchpoints can transform your approach to marketing and sales in the manufacturing sector.

You can find his new book, Behind the Click, here: thegood.com/behind-the-click/

Episode 294

The Evolution of Marketing in Manufacturing: A Data-Driven Approach

Cory Kniepp

Featuring Cory Kniepp, Director, Strategic Planning & Marketing Operations at Nidec Motor Corporation

July 2, 2024

This week, The Kula Ring is diving into transforming marketing operations with Cory Kniepp, Director of Strategic Planning and Marketing Operations at Nidec Motor Corporation. We look at how industrial manufacturers are leveraging data-driven insights and AI to revolutionize marketing strategies, bridging the gap between B2B and B2C marketing approaches. We explore the journey from traditional marketing services to advanced marketing operations and the pivotal role of technology and AI in those efforts.

Episode 290

Big Bets and Lessons Learned

Pierre Tannoux

Featuring Pierre Tannoux, Vice President of Marketing, CX Digital Transformation

June 4, 2024

The Kula Ring is joined by Pierre Tannoux this week. Pierre has worked with some incredible B2B and B2C manufacturing organizations in his career and he sits down with us this week to share some of what he has learned. We talk about big bets, those marketing strategy moves where you put all the chips on the line. We also talk about the pitfalls of pilot programs and how to avoid them. This episode is fantastic and includes The Super Bowl and Carman threatening to make the episode three hours long because he is so excited about what our guest brings to the conversation.

Episode 286

Using Internal Communication to Drive Enterprise Alignment

Tom Kehoe

Featuring Tom Kehoe, Head of Creative Services and Digital Communications

May 7, 2024

The Kula Ring is turning its focus to internal communications this week. We are sitting down with the great Tom Kehoe. Tom has brought a collection of expertise from his varied career in marketing and production to the internal comms team at his organization which has fostered growth, greater alignment and transparency across the enterprise. Tom walks us through the birth of some of these initiatives and how being proactive in your problem-solving is key to success.

Episode 279

Increasing Reach Through Strong Brand Identity

Kimberly Day `

Featuring Kimberly Day, Director, Marketing & Communications at Finish Thompson

March 19, 2024

Kimberly Day is on our show this week talking about how she moved Finish Thompson, a family-run company, from advertising in trade publications to more of a brand focus, a decision that has fostered growth and recognition in just seven months. Kimberly brings insights from a broad career in many marketing and communication verticals. Finish Thompson is a highly technical, engineering-focused brand that Kimberly is making accessible to all who may need to employ their pumps and services.

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