Episode 273

Competing Against Larger Brands By Choosing Not to Compete

Scott Vosburgh

Featuring Scott Vosburgh, Marketing Director at Sierra Olympia Technologies

February 6, 2024

Scott Vosburgh joins The Kula Ring this week to discuss how Sierra Olympia Technologies is facing down much larger competition. Through marketing products that the competition isn’t. Ensuring their online presence is as clean and high-performing as possible. While also keeping an eye on where the big guns in the space are ranking and finding success in online markets to capitalize for themselves.

Episode 266

Weighing the Benefits of Using Agile Project Management for Marketing

Carman Pirie & Jeff White

Featuring Carman Pirie and Jeff White, Principals at Kula Partners

December 19, 2023

Over the Holiday season, The Kula Ring is bringing you a few conversations between Jeff and Carman, the hosts of The Kula Ring and founders at Kula Partners. Agile Project Management is not something that typically comes to mind when discussing marketing. But, when clients discover that is how we manage marketing work at Kula Partners, Jeff and Carman often find themselves answering curious questions about it. In this episode of The Kula Ring, we discuss what Agile is and share how our experience can help manufacturing marketers weigh the benefits and barriers of implementing the project management style. Please enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Episode 258

How a Manufacturer Made Video Its Biggest Marketing Tool

Allison Wagner

Featuring Allison Wagner, Marketing Communications Manager at Morrison Container Handling Solutions.

October 24, 2023

We are pleased to republish this episode with Allison Wagner. The topic is even more present for a lot of manufacturers.| Video marketing is not new, but many B2B manufacturers are still searching for a strategy. In this episode of The Kula Ring, Allison Wagner, Marketing Communications Manager at Morrison Container Handling Solutions, shares how she helped make video the company’s biggest marketing tool. She talks about the resourcing effort, why video is important for manufacturers to invest in, and how Morrison leverages video content to help prospects envision how to use their solution.

Episode 257

Creating Marketing for Those Secluded by Necessity

Mike McCormack

Featuring Mike McCormack, VP of Marketing and Strategy, Appleton Group

October 17, 2023

On The Kula Ring we love a niche market. The varied and interesting challenges that marketers face in these highly specialized markets never ceases to amaze. This week we are joined by one such marketer. Mike McCormack is the VP of Marketing and Strategy with the Appleton Group, a division of Emerson. Mike and his team market to customers that are secluded, both physically and technologically; within business infrastructures where internet connectivity may not be allowed for safety. It is an exciting conversation with unique hurdles that Mike and Appleton have had to overcome. You have internet though, because you’re reading this. So get listening, you won’t be disappointed.

Episode 252

Facing the Competition With Strategic Digital Marketing

David A. Stark

Featuring David A. Stark, Digital Marketing Transformation Growth Leader.

September 12, 2023

The Summer Spotlight Series is back. We are going to be taking a second look at a great chat with David A. Stark: Legacy manufacturers that previously dominated their verticals now have to contend with new entrants who know how to create focused messaging in digital spaces. In this episode of The Kula Ring, David A. Stark, Digital Marketing Transformation Growth Leader, talks about the value of shifting from a tactical to a strategic digital marketing strategy as competition increases, and how to bolster branding with a strong digital presence in order to reach prospects.

Episode 250

Understanding the Value of Marketing as an Investment to Help You Sell

Steven Nghe

Featuring Steven Nghe, Head of Marketing and Communications at Kloeckner Metals.

August 29, 2023

Sales and marketing alignment is huge, and historically, sales and marketing haven’t been best friends. Steven Nghe, Head of Marketing and Communications at Kloeckner Metals, discusses when Kloeckner Metals realized that sales and marketing had changed, and they needed to change with it. He discusses the digitalization of more multidimensional and complex marketing practices that need to be enhanced for sales and marketing to make selling manufacturing more efficient. He also discusses how he gained trust from VPs on marketing being a worthwhile investment by exposing what marketing really is.

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