Episode 264

When B2B Business Masquerades as B2C: Navigating a Post Pandemic Landscape

Evan Hargreaves

Featuring Evan Hargreaves, Director of Global Product Marketing at MillerKnoll

December 5, 2023

This week on The Kula Ring, we pulled up a comfy chair with Evan Hargreaves to discuss the changing landscape in the office furniture industry. With so much of the workforce remaining hybrid or at home full time, the B2B furniture space looks a lot different than it has in the past. Evan walks us through how MillerKnoll is handling this new challenge and how they are adopting some inspiration from the sporting goods space to support their efforts. This episode is best enjoyed in a very nice chair.

Episode 263

Changing the Landscape: Overcoming the Status Quo

Adam Fray

Featuring Adam Fray, Senior Director of Global Marketing at Packsize

November 28, 2023

Adam Fray, the Senior Director of Global Marketing at Packsize, is on the show this week. We had a chat about challenging the status quo. Packsize offers a new way to think about sustainable packaging and packaging efficiencies. That offering means they are combatting the ‘this is how we have always done it’ mentality. Furthermore, Packsize has recently changed how the marketing department exists within the organization. These two ways of challenging ‘the way it is’ mentality, combine to make an enlightening conversation about change. Plus, Carman becomes a therapist for a minute. What more could you ask for?

Episode 261

Open the Door to Tomorrow: Thoughts on the Future of B2B Manufacturing

Taylor Smith

Featuring Taylor Smith, Technical Sales and Marketing at PSNERGY

November 14, 2023

Taylor Smith of PSNERGY is on the show this week having a chat with us about getting the next steps that manufacturing can take. We cover the harmonious nature of how sales and marketing can work together in the future. And also tackle some methods to get the youth of today and beyond invested in manufacturing in general. Taylor is a wonderful voice in the space and is bringing some fresh perspectives to us on The Kula Ring this week. Plus, we talk about bowling! Jeff and Carman tell us just how much they know about bowling, which isn’t a lot.

Episode 260

The Cost of Sustainability: From Consumer to Legislator

Jonathan Quinn

Featuring Jonathan Quinn, Vice President of Marketing and Sustainability at Accredo Packaging.

November 7, 2023

Jonathan Quinn from Accredo Packaging is on the show this week talking with us about packaging, sustainable packaging. We peel back the layers, as Carman says, on some of the challenges around being sustainable in an industry that is so front and center in the conversation around sustainable practices. Jonathan is a super knowledgeable guy who has been around packaging for, quite literally, his whole life. He has talked to lawmakers and focussed on what consumers truly hold dear. This episode is jam packed with information.

Episode 259

Cracking the Code: The Power of Proper ABM Strategy and Buyer Understanding

Chris Moody

Featuring Chris Moody, Head of GTM Thought Leadership at Demandbase.

October 31, 2023

This week on The Kula Ring, we are having a chat with Chris Moody from Demandbase. We talk about a lot of stuff! Chris is very knowledgeable in the ABM space and walks us through some of the tools that we can use to get more out of our ABM efforts. If this episode is something you are into and you want to hear more exactly like it, you can catch these three having another chat on Demandbase’s SunnySide Up podcast!

Episode 258

How a Manufacturer Made Video Its Biggest Marketing Tool

Allison Wagner

Featuring Allison Wagner, Marketing Communications Manager at Morrison Container Handling Solutions.

October 24, 2023

We are pleased to republish this episode with Allison Wagner. The topic is even more present for a lot of manufacturers.| Video marketing is not new, but many B2B manufacturers are still searching for a strategy. In this episode of The Kula Ring, Allison Wagner, Marketing Communications Manager at Morrison Container Handling Solutions, shares how she helped make video the company’s biggest marketing tool. She talks about the resourcing effort, why video is important for manufacturers to invest in, and how Morrison leverages video content to help prospects envision how to use their solution.

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