Episode 263

Changing the Landscape: Overcoming the Status Quo

Adam Fray

Featuring Adam Fray, Senior Director of Global Marketing at Packsize

November 28, 2023

Adam Fray, the Senior Director of Global Marketing at Packsize, is on the show this week. We had a chat about challenging the status quo. Packsize offers a new way to think about sustainable packaging and packaging efficiencies. That offering means they are combatting the ‘this is how we have always done it’ mentality. Furthermore, Packsize has recently changed how the marketing department exists within the organization. These two ways of challenging ‘the way it is’ mentality, combine to make an enlightening conversation about change. Plus, Carman becomes a therapist for a minute. What more could you ask for?

Episode 259

Cracking the Code: The Power of Proper ABM Strategy and Buyer Understanding

Chris Moody

Featuring Chris Moody, Head of GTM Thought Leadership at Demandbase.

October 31, 2023

This week on The Kula Ring, we are having a chat with Chris Moody from Demandbase. We talk about a lot of stuff! Chris is very knowledgeable in the ABM space and walks us through some of the tools that we can use to get more out of our ABM efforts. If this episode is something you are into and you want to hear more exactly like it, you can catch these three having another chat on Demandbase’s SunnySide Up podcast!

Episode 255

Finding What Works: Digital Age Marketing For Those Who Aren’t at a Screen

Jon Star

Featuring Jon Star, Director of Marketing at Method Machine Tools

October 3, 2023

So we do stuff digital now, that probably isn’t news to you. But, what if your ICP isn’t sitting at a screen all day? How do we make sure that the marketing content we are creating is going to get in front of them and be effective when it is? Jon Star of Methods Machine Tools tackles this problem head on. Method’s buyer persona is, more often than not, an operator or technician that isn’t stuck at a desk all day. So Jon has put considerable effort into making sure that their marketing efforts are effective to someone on the move. This is a great chat that covers data backed marketing and eventually the virtues of executive comms. Go ahead, press play.

Episode 254

Tips for Piloting Account-Based Marketing for B2B Manufacturers

Taylor Narewski

Featuring Taylor Narewski, Global Marketing and Communications Director, at ARCA

September 26, 2023

Like many B2B manufacturers, ARCA sells to a small number of very specific niche markets. Targeting a small list of banks and credit unions who could benefit from ARCA’s cash automation and recycling solutions, their marketing team crafted highly personalized one-to-one account-based marketing campaigns and successfully generated awareness and opportunities within key accounts. Learn how ARCA successfully piloted ABM on this week’s episode of The Kula Ring podcast.

Episode 253

Maximizing Google Ads Potential for B2B Manufacturers

Floyd Blaikie

Featuring Floyd Blaikie, Director of Strategy at Kula Partners.

September 19, 2023

The Kula Ring is back! This week we have the distinct pleasure of talking with Floyd Blaikie. Floyd is the Director of Strategy here at Kula Partners. She has been working on literally writing the playbook on Google Ads recently and we took this opportunity to sit down with her and pick her brain on the nuance of this ubiquitous medium. We cover some of the pitfalls that B2B Manufacturers face in a PPC system that is biased toward B2C with shorter sales cycles than most manufacturers are accustomed to. You are going to want a notebook for this one.

Episode 252

Facing the Competition With Strategic Digital Marketing

David A. Stark

Featuring David A. Stark, Digital Marketing Transformation Growth Leader.

September 12, 2023

The Summer Spotlight Series is back. We are going to be taking a second look at a great chat with David A. Stark: Legacy manufacturers that previously dominated their verticals now have to contend with new entrants who know how to create focused messaging in digital spaces. In this episode of The Kula Ring, David A. Stark, Digital Marketing Transformation Growth Leader, talks about the value of shifting from a tactical to a strategic digital marketing strategy as competition increases, and how to bolster branding with a strong digital presence in order to reach prospects.

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