Episode 273

Competing Against Larger Brands By Choosing Not to Compete

Scott Vosburgh

Featuring Scott Vosburgh, Marketing Director at Sierra Olympia Technologies

February 6, 2024

Scott Vosburgh joins The Kula Ring this week to discuss how Sierra Olympia Technologies is facing down much larger competition. Through marketing products that the competition isn’t. Ensuring their online presence is as clean and high-performing as possible. While also keeping an eye on where the big guns in the space are ranking and finding success in online markets to capitalize for themselves.

Episode 272

A Water Treatment Marketer and Top of the Funnel Content Marketing

Jim Lauria

Featuring Jim Lauria, VP of Sales & Marketing for Mazzei Injector Company

January 30, 2024

Jim Lauria is here to talk about some strategies that have worked well for him and Mazzei around content creation and marketing. Adding value to not only his own company but to Mazzei’s partners as well. Jim brings a ton of knowledge and experience on what content looks like done right, and how an AI will never replace the human touch.

Episode 267

Using the Big Long Idea to Climb the B2B Effectiveness Ladder

Jeff White and Carman Pirie

Featuring Jeff White and Carman Pirie, Principals at Kula Partners

December 26, 2023

This week we are going guestless! Jeff and Carman sat down to have a conversation around the B2B effectiveness ladder and how that translates into creating a Big Long Idea. Sorting out how B2B manufacturers with long sales cycles and intricate offerings can build an idea that will inform their marketing for years to come, not quarters. This is a super informative conversation where we dive deep into successes and pitfalls.

Episode 264

When B2B Business Masquerades as B2C: Navigating a Post Pandemic Landscape

Evan Hargreaves

Featuring Evan Hargreaves, Director of Global Product Marketing at MillerKnoll

December 5, 2023

This week on The Kula Ring, we pulled up a comfy chair with Evan Hargreaves to discuss the changing landscape in the office furniture industry. With so much of the workforce remaining hybrid or at home full time, the B2B furniture space looks a lot different than it has in the past. Evan walks us through how MillerKnoll is handling this new challenge and how they are adopting some inspiration from the sporting goods space to support their efforts. This episode is best enjoyed in a very nice chair.

Episode 262

First Hand Experience: The What’s What of Manufacturing as a Younger Person

Hallie Haupt

Featuring Hallie Haupt, Director of Marketing at IQ Manufacturing

November 21, 2023

The Kula Ring has discussed staffing issues in B2B manufacturing quite a few times now. However, this week we are sitting down with Hallie Haupt from IQ Manufacturing, she walks us through what it really looks and feels like to be a young person in the B2B manufacturing space. She shares some insight on how IQ has been able to catch some fresh, young talent on their shop floor and some of the difficulties of dealing with some of that older workforce that is so prevalent in the manufacturing space.

Episode 260

The Cost of Sustainability: From Consumer to Legislator

Jonathan Quinn

Featuring Jonathan Quinn, Vice President of Marketing and Sustainability at Accredo Packaging.

November 7, 2023

Jonathan Quinn from Accredo Packaging is on the show this week talking with us about packaging, sustainable packaging. We peel back the layers, as Carman says, on some of the challenges around being sustainable in an industry that is so front and center in the conversation around sustainable practices. Jonathan is a super knowledgeable guy who has been around packaging for, quite literally, his whole life. He has talked to lawmakers and focussed on what consumers truly hold dear. This episode is jam packed with information.

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