Episode 253

Maximizing Google Ads Potential for B2B Manufacturers

Floyd Blaikie

Featuring Floyd Blaikie, Director of Strategy at Kula Partners.

September 19, 2023

The Kula Ring is back! This week we have the distinct pleasure of talking with Floyd Blaikie. Floyd is the Director of Strategy here at Kula Partners. She has been working on literally writing the playbook on Google Ads recently and we took this opportunity to sit down with her and pick her brain on the nuance of this ubiquitous medium. We cover some of the pitfalls that B2B Manufacturers face in a PPC system that is biased toward B2C with shorter sales cycles than most manufacturers are accustomed to. You are going to want a notebook for this one.

Episode 219

How Manufacturing Marketers Can Prepare for GA4

Justin Rinaldi

Featuring Justin Rinaldi, Marketing Director at Safety Speed

January 24, 2023

In this episode of The Kula Ring, Justin Rinaldi from Safety Speed Manufacturing discusses the impact of switching from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4, how to help ease that transition, and ways to adapt to increased privacy regulations.

Episode 217

How Ecommerce Can Enhance Customer Service & Increase Sales

Murray Bain

Featuring Murray Bain, VP of Marketing at Stanpac

January 10, 2023

In this episode of The Kula Ring, Jeff and Carman talk with Murray Bain, VP of Marketing for Stanpac, about implementing ecommerce to enhance their customer service and effectively manage orders of all sizes. They also discuss how this has resulted in continuous sales growth from online sales.

Episode 213

Golden Opportunities in eCommerce for Manufacturers

Curt Anderson

Featuring Curt Anderson, B2BTail

December 6, 2022

eCommerce expert, Curt Anderson from B2Btail, discusses common challenges manufacturers face when it comes to launching an online store, how to best overcome those challenges to boost online sales, and why certain manufacturers can gain a competitive advantage by simply selling online.

Episode 190

Identifying Customer Needs for Increased B2B eCommerce Functionality

Mike Powers

Featuring Mike Powers, Director of eCommerce and Digital, at Alaska Rubber Group

June 28, 2022

Customer experience can define how your product is sold online. Mike Powers, Director of eCommerce and Digital at Alaska Rubber Group, explains how organizations can identify platforms for B2B functionality to make the customer research and buying experience a positive one. He explains the importance behind product data in online listings and how it correlates with more revenue in distribution channels. Mike Powers reveals how companies can incorporate strategy in eCommerce for their potential customers to discover product information for themselves.

Episode 189

Developing a Third-Party and Distribution Channel Ecommerce Strategy

Jacki Lutz

Featuring Jacki Lutz, Global Head of Communication, Training and E-commerce, Aftermarket, at Sensata Technologies

June 21, 2022

Paying attention to how your product is sold online is only the starting point to creating a positive customer experience for E-commerce shoppers. Jacki Lutz, Head of Communications, Training and E-commerce, Aftermarket, at Sensata Technologies, explores the marketing strategy her team uses to develop messaging that resonates with customers across all E-commerce platforms. She reveals why helping customers sell Sensata products and upholding Sensata’s reputation for customer experience is important to her team.

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