Episode 282

Managing Unexpected Growth in New Markets

Andy Jensen

Featuring Andy Jensen, Director of Marketing at Sunstone Engineering.

April 9, 2024

Andy Jensen of Sunstone Engineering joins the show this week to talk about a really interesting marketing case study. Sunstone marketed to almost exclusively engineers in verticals like aerospace and electronics. Then, a couple of years ago, an unheard-of order for small light-duty welders came through from one of their dealers, then another, and another. Overnight Sunstone was thrust into an emerging market. Production and marketing at Sunstone had to pivot and pivot fast. Andy walks us through the changes that have taken place at Sunstone and how they have managed this rapid, unexpected growth.

Episode 280

Bringing Marketing to a Manufacturing Sales Rep Company

Zak Nelson

Featuring Zak Nelson, Director of Marketing and Business Development at ArKco Sales, Inc.

March 26, 2024

In this episode, we sit down with Zak Nelson. Zak talks with us about ArKco Sales’ move to having an in-house marketing asset. ArKco saw that the landscape for manufacturing sales rep companies is changing. Zak is ArKco’s answer to this evolving situation. He walks us through the changes they have implemented and how their sales reps have taken to having new branding and collateral. This is a great episode to see how you can utilize new marketing strategies in any field.

Episode 278

The Deep Advantage of Value Selling

Neelam Kumar

Featuring Neelam Kumar of Meridian Adhesives

March 12, 2024

Neelam Kumar joins The Kula Ring to discuss the strength in value selling. Neelam is an advocate and evangelist of value selling and brings a wealth of knowledge to this week’s episode of The Kula Ring. We discuss the need for relationship building, both internally, between departments and externally, with our customers. We also look at asking the right questions, and discovering how to dig into what provides value to the customer or prospect.

Episode 277

Fostering Innovation, Incrementally and Radically

John Patrin

Featuring John Patrin

March 5, 2024

John Patrin joins us to discuss innovation within your organization. For the last five years, John was the head of innovation at DuPont, where he oversaw continued innovation in a Fortune 100 company already known for innovating. We discuss the incremental product innovations that most companies pursue while also getting a glimpse at larger-scale innovations that can affect business models and service offerings.

Episode 275

Managing Dramatically Enhanced Lead Generation

Brian Critchfield

Featuring Brian Critchfield, VP of Global Marketing at Airgain

February 20, 2024

So, you are a rockstar marketer (obviously) and you have increased incoming leads in a major way. What now? How do you manage that growth, that success? Brian Critchfield of Airgain is on the show this week giving us some insight into managing phenomenal growth (like 12x growth). We talk about helping the sales team with new leads at different stages of the funnel. Managing the huge uptick in data to sift through. And, how to keep everyone on the team engaged and driving the common goal forward.

Episode 272

A Water Treatment Marketer and Top of the Funnel Content Marketing

Jim Lauria

Featuring Jim Lauria, VP of Sales & Marketing for Mazzei Injector Company

January 30, 2024

Jim Lauria is here to talk about some strategies that have worked well for him and Mazzei around content creation and marketing. Adding value to not only his own company but to Mazzei’s partners as well. Jim brings a ton of knowledge and experience on what content looks like done right, and how an AI will never replace the human touch.

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