Episode 247

Adapting to Rapid Market Expansion with Strategic Content Marketing

Paul Dailey

Featuring Paul Dailey, Director of Product and Market Strategy at Outback Power.

August 8, 2023

This week on the Summer Spotlight Series, We are looking back on our conversation with Paul Dailey. While Paul was at Outback Power he was at the helm of transitioning to new technologies and growing their available market. Paul shares some fantastic insight on marketing in a growing industry and establishing a value proposition as customers’ options expand. This was a great chat and we are so pleased to bring it back to our listeners.

Episode 245

Influencing Word-of-Mouth Messaging in B2B Niche Markets

Matt Fiddes

Featuring Matt Fiddes, Founder and CMO of Agility Technologies

July 25, 2023

When word-of-mouth is how your product is marketed the most, what are the keys to influencing the messaging among peers? In this episode of The Kula Ring, Matt Fiddes, Founder and CMO of Agility Technologies, explains how they develop their products with the specific needs of their rescue worker customer base in mind. With their FIRSTLOOK brand, they build relationships to introduce the product at all levels in the rescue industry including trainers, influencers, users, and the public tax-paying community. He also describes the importance of customer service to gain a competitive advantage in the first responder community.

Episode 242

Last Longer, Go Farther: Creating Win-Win Scenarios Through Education

Mike Donley

Featuring Mike Donley, VP of Marketing with Setco

July 4, 2023

Mike Donley of Setco joined us on the show this week. We talked about intensely precise machinery and how He and Setco are developing conversations about keeping them very precise for a very long time. Can education around handling and caring for your parts to get the maximum life out of them create sales opportunities? We conclude, yeah, it can! We also chat about diversifying content through video production. And, Jeff gets to complain about audio quality (his favourite).

Episode 241

Sweat Equity: Driving Employment and Marketing Through Tales from the Shop Floor

Stephanie Austin

Featuring Stephanie Austin, Director of Marketing at Zentech Manufacturing.

June 27, 2023

This week on the show we are talking to Stephanie Austin from Zentech Manufacturing. She has just begun a journey of illuminating the manufacturing world to those outside of it. Through talking to people on the manufacturing floor she is telling the story of modern manufacturing for prospective employees and customers alike. This is a cool approach and we are lucky enough to be a part of the conversation early.

Episode 238

A Beautiful Marriage: Developing B2B and B2C Together

Andrew DeDonker

Featuring Andrew DeDonker, Director of Marketing at RAM Mounts.

June 6, 2023

Andrew DeDonker is on the show this week sharing how RAM Mounts has developed their marketing team and strategy. They have an in-house agency covering B2B and B2C. We breakdown how they take advantage of their brand recognition on the consumer side to fuel their B2B marketing efforts. Come on by and learn a thing or two about how to synergize your team and your marketing streams, we sure did!

Episode 226

Finding Opportunity Against Larger Competition

Amy Cooper

Featuring Amy Cooper, VP of Sales and Marketing at Atlas Carbon

March 14, 2023

So many marketers are battling behemoth competition in their industries. So how does David arm themselves against Goliath? Amy Cooper of Atlas Carbon has found some particularly excellent stones to put in your sling. Amy works in an industry that is heavily influenced by regulation and legislation, meaning the competition is deeply entrenched. Still she has found a way to ensure her and Atlas Carbon can carve out their fair share (and maybe a little more), this week on The Kula Ring.

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