Episode 284

International Marketing and Staying Ahead of Technology

Abby Guo

Featuring Abby Guo, Marketing Director

April 23, 2024

Abby Guo joins The Kula Ring this week to discuss how she has created global marketing strategies for highly technical AI-driven products. We talk about setting yourself apart in the world of AI-driven startups. We also chat about staying at the forefront of technological changes and how important that is. This is an illuminating conversation featuring a topic that has everyone buzzing, AI.

Episode 274

Concrete Marketing Strategies and Transparent Communication Advice for B2B Manufacturers

Sherry Chapman

Featuring Sherry Chapman, VP of Marketing at Fortera

February 13, 2024

Sherry Chapman the VP of Marketing at Fortera, joins The Kula Ring this week. Sherry illuminates what Fortera, a green cement start-up, is working on; Building partnerships with counterparts in the industry, and drawing new road maps for economic development, for products that are yet to hit the market. This is a fantastic chat about green industry.

Episode 262

First Hand Experience: The What’s What of Manufacturing as a Younger Person

Hallie Haupt

Featuring Hallie Haupt, Director of Marketing at IQ Manufacturing

November 21, 2023

The Kula Ring has discussed staffing issues in B2B manufacturing quite a few times now. However, this week we are sitting down with Hallie Haupt from IQ Manufacturing, she walks us through what it really looks and feels like to be a young person in the B2B manufacturing space. She shares some insight on how IQ has been able to catch some fresh, young talent on their shop floor and some of the difficulties of dealing with some of that older workforce that is so prevalent in the manufacturing space.

Episode 261

Open the Door to Tomorrow: Thoughts on the Future of B2B Manufacturing

Taylor Smith

Featuring Taylor Smith, Technical Sales and Marketing at PSNERGY

November 14, 2023

Taylor Smith of PSNERGY is on the show this week having a chat with us about getting the next steps that manufacturing can take. We cover the harmonious nature of how sales and marketing can work together in the future. And also tackle some methods to get the youth of today and beyond invested in manufacturing in general. Taylor is a wonderful voice in the space and is bringing some fresh perspectives to us on The Kula Ring this week. Plus, we talk about bowling! Jeff and Carman tell us just how much they know about bowling, which isn’t a lot.

Episode 243

Paving the Way for More Women in Manufacturing

Meaghan Ziemba

Featuring Meaghan Ziemba from Mavens of Manufacturing

July 11, 2023

Kicking off the Summer Spotlight Series, we are going to feature Meaghan Ziemba. Her voice and presence is top tier, we loved talking to her then and are so happy to have her leading the charge in the Summer Spotlight Series. | Mavens of Manufacturing host Meaghan Ziemba started the live video broadcast series to help close the gender and skills gap in the manufacturing industry. The show is a place for women in the male-dominated industry to share their stories and support one another, as well as offer mentorship for women at the start of their careers. The Mavens community also works with the education system in the US to better inform young women and girls about manufacturing or engineering career pathways.

Episode 240

Creating Growth and Finding New Ground in an Invisible Industry

Lori Raymond

Featuring Lori Raymond, CEO at Tourmaline.

June 20, 2023

This week on The Kula Ring we got a chance to sit down with Lori Raymond. Lori is the CEO of Tourmaline Enterprises, a thermal inkjet printer manufacturer in California. We discussed tiered marketing strategies. Creating messaging for process engineers, distributors, and consumers alike. Additionally, Lori shared stories from her experience of being a female CEO in a historically male dominated field. This is an insightful episode, why are you still reading!? Start listening.

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