Episode 275

Managing Dramatically Enhanced Lead Generation

Brian Critchfield

Featuring Brian Critchfield, VP of Global Marketing at Airgain

February 20, 2024

So, you are a rockstar marketer (obviously) and you have increased incoming leads in a major way. What now? How do you manage that growth, that success? Brian Critchfield of Airgain is on the show this week giving us some insight into managing phenomenal growth (like 12x growth). We talk about helping the sales team with new leads at different stages of the funnel. Managing the huge uptick in data to sift through. And, how to keep everyone on the team engaged and driving the common goal forward.

Episode 187

How an Industrial Manufacturer Partners with Startups to Unlock New Revenue Streams

Ryan Knox

Featuring Ryan Knox, Director of Marketing & Innovation at Flexfab.

June 7, 2022

Flexfab is an industrial B2B manufacturer who designs and manufactures highly-engineered products in a wide variety of materials and designs for the aerospace, automotive, rail, and heavy-duty truck industries. In this episode of The Kula Ring, Ryan Knox, Director of Marketing & Innovation at Flexfab, talks about the company’s initiative to connect innovative startups with industrial companies to leverage emerging technologies within their manufacturing processes. Ryan talks about how Flexfab draws on existing relationships and industry connections to establish new revenue streams and foster innovation within industrial industries that are often overlooked.

Episode 175

A Manufacturing Brand Integration Playbook

John Eklund

Featuring John Eklund, Vice President, Marketing at ProMach

March 15, 2022

John Eklund, Vice President of Marketing at ProMach, joins Jeff and Carman on The Kula Ring to discuss his playbook for integrating multiple companies into their house of brands after they are acquired. From collateral updates and cross-selling to websites and a centralized tech stack, learn how ProMach brings their acquired companies into the fold.

Episode 132

Building a Better B2B Marketing Strategy with New Technology

Dan Ricklefs

Featuring Dan Ricklefs, Vice President of Marketing at Precision Pulley & Idler (PPI).

May 10, 2021

For many manufacturers, the drive to build out their organization internally has been strong for the last five or more years in response to a rapidly-changing marketing and sales landscape. In this episode of The Kula Ring, Dan Ricklefs, Vice President of Marketing at Precision Pulley & Idler (PPI), talks about how the organization is expanding its marketing infrastructure after a series of successful acquisitions. He discusses his playbook for creating marketing strategies, how the company is evolving its marketing tech stack, and the significance of adopting marketing technology as a tool for knowledge transfer to address upcoming retirements.

Episode 118

How a Manufacturer Leverages a Distributor-First Ecommerce Model

Jeff Bercume

Featuring Jeff Bercume, Director of CX Marketing at Berry Global.

January 19, 2021

How can manufacturers leverage their distributor relationships through ecommerce? In this episode of The Kula Ring, Jeff Bercume, Director of CX Marketing at Berry Global, shares how the company’s subsidiary brand, Laddawn.com, operates as an ecommerce site with a distributor-first model. He talks about how the website’s workflow is geared towards distributors, and how this ecommerce configuration can address capacity issues across manufacturing.

Episode 73

How to Evolve Your B2B Brand Message After an Acquisition

Cathy Dodd

Featuring Cathy Dodd, Vice President of Marketing at PolyOne

March 3, 2020

Any time a manufacturer acquires new assets, the brand evolves along with their customer base. How do you manage your communications strategy to keep pace with mergers and acquisitions? Cathy Dodd, Vice President of Marketing for PolyOne, talks to Jeff and Carman on The Kula Ring about how PolyOne created a campaign called “Challenge Accepted” to bring clarity to their brand messaging across a broad range of industries using customer feedback, buyer persona work, and through consolidating their website to better serve as a solutions-driver for their customers.

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