Understanding the Value of Marketing as an Investment to Help You Sell

Episode 250

August 29, 2023

Sales and marketing alignment is huge, and historically, sales and marketing haven’t been best friends. Steven Nghe, Head of Marketing and Communications at Kloeckner Metals, discusses when Kloeckner Metals realized that sales and marketing had changed, and they needed to change with it. He discusses the digitalization of more multidimensional and complex marketing practices that need to be enhanced for sales and marketing to make selling manufacturing more efficient. He also discusses how he gained trust from VPs on marketing being a worthwhile investment by exposing what marketing really is.

Steven Nghe Photo


Steven Nghe

Head of Marketing and Communications, Kloeckner Metals

Steven Nghe is the Head of Marketing & Communications at Kloeckner Metals (North America) where he’s responsible for linking the company’s innovations to build the Kloeckner brand. He’s also invested in making steel sexier than it already is. Steven oversees the management of Kloeckner’s brand, including customer experience, digital marketing, creative development, marketing effectiveness, social responsibility, media and employee communications.
On a personal note, Steven is a resident of Atlanta, GA and is an extremely successful husband and father. According to his wife and son, he’s the best! Lastly, Steven’s favorite hobby is being the recipient of an ongoing Kloeckner paycheck.

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