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Episode 165

Manufacturers Need to Integrate Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow

Featuring Brian Baker, the founder at DoDecaHedron Design

Brian Baker, the founder of DoDecaHedron Design is our most recent guest on The Kula Ring podcast. He’s worked in the travel industry, spending time at Travelocity, owned an agency, and now has found his way into the building materials industry.
In this episode, Brian shares how manufacturers should integrate digital marketing solutions into their business. He suggests they align their traditional marketing channels with digital strategies to optimize their brand’s reach which will, in turn, expand their customer base and increase their selling opportunities. Listen in as Brian dives deeper with specific examples of how he’s accomplished it in the past.

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Episode 164

The Dynamics of Recruiting in an Evolving Marketing Industry

Featuring Jerry Bernhart, Principal of Bernhart Associates Executive Search

Jerry Bernhart, the Principal of Bernhart Associates Executive Search, is our latest guest on The Kula Ring Podcast. Jerry started recruiting in the marketing space in the late ’80s, but when the internet interrupted and changed the world, Jerry knew there would be a huge need for marketers so he jumped all-in and focused more on recruiting, working with organizations like HotJobs, and Monster.

Listen in to our conversation with Jerry, as he shares this 30+ years of knowledge and advice on the best recruiting practices for attracting and retaining top talent, his opinions on remote/hybrid work, and his point of view on the future evolution of the marketing industry.

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Episode 158

Finding The Right Martech Mix For Manufacturers

Featuring Brittney Zeller, Marketing Technology and Analytics Manager at AAF International

Hello, manufacturing marketers! We’re excited to bring you a fresh episode from the Kula Ring vault today with a 2019 interview we conducted with Brittney Zeller, formerly the Marketing Technology and Analytics Manager at American Air Filter. Brittney is now the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Americas, and the lessons she shared are no less relevant today. Learn how AAF chooses marketing technology, how the CRM drives most of their technology selection, not the CMS platform. We’ll also dive into the important symbiotic relationship IT and Marketing need to have given that marketing and sales drive some of the most significant technology spends in most modern B2B manufacturing organizations. Please enjoy Brittney’s episode, I’m certain you will be able to relate no matter where you are in the marketing tech stack continuum.

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Episode 156

RIP to the Marketing ‘Project’

Featuring Monique Elliott, formerly CMO at ABB Electrification Products, Industrial Solutions, now SVP Global Marketing, Industrial Automation at Schneider Electric

Hi everyone! With the Kula Ring audience growing so much over the past while, chances are Dear Listener that you might be new here! With that in mind, we are going to be periodically sharing with you some brilliant insights manufacturing marketers need now that come from Kula Ring episodes you probably haven’t heard yet.

So let’s get right to it – here’s a fabulous episode on why Products, not Projects are the future for marketing featuring Monique Elliott … formerly of ABB and now SVP Global Marketing, Industrial Automation at Schneider Electric. Enjoy the episode!

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Episode 149

Transforming Engineering Knowledge into Engaging Marketing Content with Technical Writing

Featuring Adam Kimmel, Technical Content Writer & Founder + Principal at ASK Consulting Solutions

Among the manufacturing marketers we talk to, developing technical content that is engaging and meets engineers at their level is a significant challenge. In this week’s episode, Adam Kimmel—a technical content writer for engineers and founder of ASK Consulting Solutions—shares the tricks of the trade. Learn from Adam how to translate engineering knowledge into engaging content people actually want to read.

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Episode 146

How Niche Orientation Impacts Your Manufacturing Marketing Strategy

Featuring, Jeff White and Carman Pirie, Co-Principals of Kula Partners

In this week’s episode, co-hosts and Kula Partners principals, Jeff White and Carman Pirie, talk about niche orientation marketing. They talk about the Niche Navigator, a model and exercise they created to assess and understand where businesses fall ranging from low to high niche market orientation. Listeners can look forward to learning examples of niche market orientation, learn pitfalls that could impact their marketing strategies and tips to enhance their marketing efforts.

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Episode 138

How a Manufacturing Marketer Leverages HubSpot to Unite Teams

Featuring Yazz Krdzalic, VP of Marketing at Trenton Systems

How can manufacturing marketers apply inbound methodology to the point where multiple departments rely on it? In this episode of The Kula Ring, Yazz Krdzalic, VP of Marketing at Trenton Systems, who is a self-described Hubspot fanatic, talks about how HubSpot has helped align the marketing, sales, and service teams at his organization to grow their customer pipeline, and serve customers better.

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Episode 134

How a B2B Manufacturer Successfully Sells on Amazon

Featuring Melissa Monteith, former Channel Marketing Leader, Retail Channel Lead for Fluke Corporation.

Should B2B manufacturers sell on Amazon, or do the challenges of maintaining control over branding and pricing outweigh the benefits? In this episode of The Kula Ring, Melissa Monteith, the former Channel Marketing Leader, Retail Channel Lead for Fluke Corporation, shares how the company successfully sells on Amazon. She talks about leveraging product content and integrating it with the Amazon experience and shares advice for maintaining brand control and meeting other common challenges that arise when hosting a B2B channel on Amazon.

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Episode 132

Building a Better B2B Marketing Strategy with New Technology

Featuring Dan Ricklefs, Vice President of Marketing at Precision Pulley & Idler (PPI).

For many manufacturers, the drive to build out their organization internally has been strong for the last five or more years in response to a rapidly-changing marketing and sales landscape. In this episode of The Kula Ring, Dan Ricklefs, Vice President of Marketing at Precision Pulley & Idler (PPI), talks about how the organization is expanding its marketing infrastructure after a series of successful acquisitions. He discusses his playbook for creating marketing strategies, how the company is evolving its marketing tech stack, and the significance of adopting marketing technology as a tool for knowledge transfer to address upcoming retirements.

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