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Episode 218

How A Robotic Forklift Company Markets Online To Manufacturers

Featuring Rob Patey, Global Director of Marketing for BALYO

BALYO is a global manufacturer of autonomous robotic forklifts. In this episode of The Kula Ring, Jeff and Carman sit down with BALYO’s Global Marketing Director, Rob Patey, to discuss what makes marketing in manufacturing unique. They also talk about the challenges of digital marketing for manufacturing companies, the best way to find and reach customers online, and what sets BALYO apart.

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Episode 216

How to Humanize B2B With Design Thinking

Featuring Jas Kaur, Marketing & Digital Experience Manager at Ellsworth Adhesives

In this episode of The Kula Ring, Ellsworth Adhesives Marketing & Digital Experience Manager Jas Kaur talks about how her background in design thinking has helped her lead her organization toward a more human-centric approach to B2B. Her “business to everything” philosophy is guiding a tightly integrated marketing and digital team’s efforts in making their customers’ buying process fast, efficient, and intuitive.

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Episode 215

How a German-Owned Manufacturer Markets Regionally Within the US

Featuring Jon LaPorta, Vice President, Marketing, Pfannenberg USA

Jon LaPorta, Vice President, Marketing, describes to Carman and Jeff how he has helped transform the marketing at Pfannenberg USA—the American arm of a German-owned manufacturer. Jon’s team works locally in order to appeal to the US market. Although they continue to align with headquarters on content and branding, this has allowed them to implement marketing automation, create their own website, and simplify their messaging.

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Episode 211

Business Professionals Are Human Too: Engaging B2B Prospects Online

Featuring Ross Simmonds, Digital Marketer, Speaker, and Entrepreneur

In this episode of The Kula Ring, Jeff and Carman chat with Ross Simmonds, Digital Marketer, Speaker, and Entrepreneur who specializes in B2B. They discuss B2B topics including the heartbeat of SEO, the viability of Facebook for B2B, and the threat of Amazon. They also talk about how providing value is key to engaging your B2B prospects online, no matter what the platform.

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Episode 206

Paving the Way for More Women in Manufacturing

Featuring Meaghan Ziemba from Mavens of Manufacturing

Mavens of Manufacturing host Meaghan Ziemba started the live video broadcast series to help close the gender and skills gap in the manufacturing industry. The show is a place for women in the male-dominated industry to share their stories and support one another, as well as offer mentorship for women at the start of their careers. The Mavens community also works with the education system in the US to better inform young women and girls about manufacturing or engineering career pathways.

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Episode 201

Weighing the Benefits of Using Agile Project Management for Marketing

Featuring Carman Pirie and Jeff White, Principals at Kula Partners

Agile Project Management is not something that typically comes to mind when discussing marketing. But, when clients discover that is how we manage marketing work at Kula Partners, Jeff and Carman often find themselves answering curious questions about it. In this episode of The Kula Ring, we discuss what Agile is and share how our experience can help manufacturing marketers weigh the benefits and barriers of implementing the project management style.

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Episode 194

Influencer Marketing and a Cross-Platform Approach to Organic Engagement

Featuring Eddie Saunders, Marketing Manager of FlexArm, a division of Flex Machine Tools

Thinking outside the box and getting weird is what today’s guest is all about. Eddie Saunders, Marketing Manager for FlexArm, a division of Flex Machine Tools, discusses his cutting-edge marketing strategies to get Flex Machine Tools noticed by the right people. He explains his cross-platform approach and discusses his use of video-based social media platforms including YouTube and TikTok. He dives deep into building relationships with influencers to add value to his products online presence.

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Episode 191

Bridging the Organizational Data Gap to Build Better Decision-Making Tools

Featuring Ryan Knox, Co-founder of Bridge Digital

Digging into data and exploring technology to undercover insights in your organization is vital to operations efficiency. Ryan Knox, Co-founder of Bridge Digital explores the use of digital tools to create efficiency in all areas of an organization from IT, Marketing, Sales, and more. He discusses the benefits of extracting data vs. using specific tools to help organizations get results that helps them do their job better and the importance of creating excitement for internal change when implementing new technologies.

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