The Kula Ring

A podcast for manufacturing marketers

The Kula Ring is a podcast made for manufacturing marketers by manufacturing marketers. Conversations with top manufacturing executives from across North America which focus on marketing, sales, and business development uncover actionable advice for listeners while painting a forward-looking view of the industry as it undergoes rapid digital transformation. Hosted by Carman Pirie and Jeff White, The Kula Ring is essential listening for manufacturers and distributors who want to grow their digital presence and compete online.

Episode 18

Millennials Leading Digital Transformation

Featuring: Zach Garrett

Carman and Jeff welcome Zach Garrett, Director, CX Programs & Communities at Belden Inc., in this episode of The Kula Ring. Zach’s aggressive career path has lead him to a director role in transforming Belden’s digital experience just a few years after his graduation from university. They discuss the opportunities presented by manufacturing marketing, how to get a traditional sales team to play a critical role in digital transformation, the importance of human-to-human marketing, and why large manufacturing companies must embrace Millennials to thrive in today’s market.

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Episode 15

Testing 1, 2, 3: A Manufacturer’s Iterative Approach to a Website Redesign

Featuring: Christina Liebman

In this episode of The Kula Ring, Jeff and Carman talk with Christina Liebman, Director of Global Marketing and Digital Strategy, about the iterative website redesign process she recently followed at Advanced Energy Industries. By continuously testing and refining along the way, she was able to meet the objectives set out for the redesign. Christina also discusses the unforeseen challenges she met along the way including working with more vendors than anticipated and educating the team to create mobile-friendly content that would also resonate with international audiences.

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Episode 11

Content and Community for Manufacturing Marketers

Featuring: Nick Goellner

In this episode of The Kula Ring, Jeff and Carman talk with Nick Goellner, Marketing Director of Advanced Machine & Engineering and Partner and Managing Director of MakingChips podcast. Nick shares his experience selling modern marketing techniques to a third generation manufacturing business, how authenticity (or the lack thereof) contributes to the success of content marketing, and how manufacturers can benefit from offering unique kinds of content.

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