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Episode 236

Playing the Long Game Through Passion and Personal Brand

Featuring Kyle Kruse, VP of Marketing at Global Interconnect.

Personal brand is becoming more ubiquitous in the social media age. But, what if your market is incredibly niche and doesn’t have a lot of public facing content currently? How do you leverage a personal brand in that circumstance? Kyle Kruse of Global Interconnect is on the show this week discussing how to create and leverage a personal brand in just that situation. Developing conversations and excitement around the Medtech industry. Get on your brand game!

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Episode 235

Telling the Right Story: Diversifying Brand Through New Verticals

Featuring John Buglino, Director of Marketing at Optessa.

The desire to grow and diversify is obviously fairly universal for marketers. The question is how do we break into a new vertical? John Buglino is on the show this week discussing just that. We discuss how he and Optessa are trying to write the stories about new verticals that tell their customers and partners what Optessa can offer them. As well as an ingenious way to use the trust system we have developed with our partners. What are you waiting for? The play button is right there!

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Episode 234

Using the Big Long Idea to Climb the B2B Effectiveness Ladder

Featuring Jeff White and Carman Pirie, Principals at Kula Partners.

This week we are going guest less! Jeff and Carman sat down to have a conversation around the B2B effectiveness ladder and how that translates into creating a Big Long Idea. Sorting out how B2B manufacturers with long sales cycles and intricate offerings can build an idea that will inform their marketing for years to come, not quarters. This is a super informative conversation where we dive deep into successes and pitfalls.

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Episode 232

Disrupting the Flow: Finding New Paths in an Old Industry

Featuring John Hays, Global Marketing Director at Banjo

Some industries are new, some are old. How do you marry the idea of new and old? John Hays is on The Kula Ring this week discussing just that. John and Banjo are revolutionizing how they communicate with their clients in the AG industry. John is a true professional and a man who thinks outside the box. Enough explanation, get in here and hear it from the man himself.

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Episode 231

The Art of Avoiding Selective Messaging

Featuring Charles Lubecke, Management Team Member and Head of Marketing for Q-Railing

Too often in life we are told we can choose one. This or that. But what if we could do away with that? Charles Lubecke and Q-Railing are doing just that, with messaging tailored to one area of the market that doesn’t leave the other areas behind. He shares some of his experience in creating messaging that is inclusive of the very different professionals that will engage with it.

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Episode 229

Adding Some Rocket Fuel to Niche Marketing Campaigns

Featuring Ribal Btaddini, Director of Global Accounts and Eric Hyland, Program Manager at Legrand

The title is quite literal. This week The Kula Ring is talking to Ribal Btaddini and Eric Hyland from Legrand. Who have just launched (pun intended) a marketing campaign around sending a rocket space bound. However, who doesn’t get excited about space!? We are diving deep into the value of trackable, tangible ROI’s vs. the emotional, exciting ones. It is a lofty episode, that’s for sure.

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Episode 223

Marketing, Social Media, and Community: The Great Divide

Featuring Peter Hedger, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Composite Applications Group

We have all caught ourselves thinking about what the world has become, or what comes next for us. This week we are talking to Peter Hedger, who has put some concerted effort into understanding this conundrum. As a B2B manufacturing marketer he has some key insights into what might be coming next for us marketers. In a world saturated with social media and pandemic fallout Peter thinks community is going to be more important than ever.

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Episode 220

Why Sustainable Product Innovation Should Serve Your Customer’s Supply Chain

Featuring Sylvain Marseille, VP of Marketing and New Product Development at Pelton Shepherd

In this episode of The Kula Ring, Sylvain Marseille, VP of Marketing and New Product Development at Pelton Shepherd shares why understanding the pain points along a customer’s whole supply chain is essential when innovating a new sustainable product. He discusses the importance of a long term vision when it comes to developing sustainable products and why your actions should be driven by what the customer needs to build a stronger brand.

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