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Episode 236

Playing the Long Game Through Passion and Personal Brand

Featuring Kyle Kruse, VP of Marketing at Global Interconnect.

Personal brand is becoming more ubiquitous in the social media age. But, what if your market is incredibly niche and doesn’t have a lot of public facing content currently? How do you leverage a personal brand in that circumstance? Kyle Kruse of Global Interconnect is on the show this week discussing how to create and leverage a personal brand in just that situation. Developing conversations and excitement around the Medtech industry. Get on your brand game!

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Episode 233

The Future Happens Anyway: Being Ready for Tomorrow

Featuring Allen Rozon, Director Marketing Communications at ELTEC

As marketers we are always looking to enable today’s sales. What about the sales of the future? How will the market change? Can we be ready for the next step before it comes? Allen Rozon has put considerable effort into what that looks like for ELTEC. From environmentally sound fluids for their machines to what sales might look like in the high tech future we are all destined for. He is going to share some of his experience and findings with us this week.

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Episode 232

Disrupting the Flow: Finding New Paths in an Old Industry

Featuring John Hays, Global Marketing Director at Banjo

Some industries are new, some are old. How do you marry the idea of new and old? John Hays is on The Kula Ring this week discussing just that. John and Banjo are revolutionizing how they communicate with their clients in the AG industry. John is a true professional and a man who thinks outside the box. Enough explanation, get in here and hear it from the man himself.

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Episode 231

The Art of Avoiding Selective Messaging

Featuring Charles Lubecke, Management Team Member and Head of Marketing for Q-Railing

Too often in life we are told we can choose one. This or that. But what if we could do away with that? Charles Lubecke and Q-Railing are doing just that, with messaging tailored to one area of the market that doesn’t leave the other areas behind. He shares some of his experience in creating messaging that is inclusive of the very different professionals that will engage with it.

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Episode 229

Adding Some Rocket Fuel to Niche Marketing Campaigns

Featuring Ribal Btaddini, Director of Global Accounts and Eric Hyland, Program Manager at Legrand

The title is quite literal. This week The Kula Ring is talking to Ribal Btaddini and Eric Hyland from Legrand. Who have just launched (pun intended) a marketing campaign around sending a rocket space bound. However, who doesn’t get excited about space!? We are diving deep into the value of trackable, tangible ROI’s vs. the emotional, exciting ones. It is a lofty episode, that’s for sure.

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Episode 228

Manufacturing Jobs for Manufacturing Companies

Featuring Mike Nager, Business Development Manager for Festo Didactic.

Everyone wants that new thing. What we need however, is someone to build the new thing. That is what keeps Mike Nager of Festo Didactic up at night, making sure the manufacturing workforce of tomorrow is bolstered. Mike is on the show this week discussing how he is trying to ensure that manufacturing jobs stay relevant, in a world of so much competition. You may be surprised to find out that the marketing department could and should play a big role in this.

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Episode 224

A Water Treatment Marketer and Top of the Funnel Content Marketing

Featuring Jim Lauria, VP of Sales & Marketing for Mazzei Injector Company

The connection can’t be missed on this one! Funnel, water, see that? Jim Lauria is here to talk about some strategies that have worked well for him and Mazzei around content creation and marketing. Adding value to not only his own company but to Mazzei’s partners as well. Jim brings a ton of knowledge and experience on what content looks like done right, and how an AI will never replace the human touch.

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Episode 222

Decoding Manufacturing Marketing for Non-Marketers

Featuring Suzi McNicholas, Director of Marketing and Transformation at Johnson Controls.

As marketers, the conversation invariably comes up: “what do you actually do?” Sometimes, that conversation leads to non-marketers putting in their two-cents on the process. Suzi McNicholas, Director of Marketing and Transformation at Johnson Controls, tells us that this is because everyone is a consumer of something and has been marketed to at some point. In this episode, Suzi helps explain what makes B2B marketing in a manufacturing context unique.

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Episode 204

Why Empathy is the Secret to High-Performing B2B Technical Content

Featuring Greg Paulsen, Director of Applications Engineering and Marketing at Xometry

On this week’s episode of The Kula Ring, Greg Paulsen, Director of Applications Engineering and Marketing at Xometry, gives insight into his formula for success when it comes to creating technical content for a B2B audience. Rather than focusing on the question of ‘what is,’ high-quality technical content that resonates should be centered around the question of ‘why’—why it benefits the customer, or why it matters to the industry at large. Listen to the episode to hear Greg talk about how understanding the ‘why’ comes through having been there himself; or in other words, through having empathy.

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