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Episode 142

Using Archetypes to Differentiate Manufacturing Brands

Featuring Laura Hawkins, Director of Strategy at Kula Partners

Kula’s Director of Strategy, Laura Hawkins explains the benefits of archetypes for manufacturing brands. While the cohesive messaging and marketing models may seem obvious to those familiar with the application of Jungian archetypes, it’s the additional brand power and bottom line impact that truly makes them useful for standing out in a sea of competitors with increasingly consistent brand pillars.

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Episode 141

Musings on Design, UX, User Testing, and Visitor Analysis

Featuring Craig Edis, Creative Director at Kula Partners

Continuing our showcase of the Kula Partners team, Craig Edis, Creative Director, discusses the central role of design in modern marketing for manufacturers. Drawing on more than 17 years of experience, Craig shares insights about what goes into developing outstanding brands, why user testing and visitor analysis is so valuable, and how to always design with the end-user in mind.

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Episode 139

3 Core Web Vitals That Impact Website Performance

Featuring Luke Desroches, Frontend Architect at Kula Partners

Jeff and Carman have invited members of the Kula Partners team to showcase their capabilities and provide some tips and tricks to The Kula Ring audience.

In this episode, Luke Desroches, Frontend Architect, describes how continuous learning is a large part of steering the team’s frontend development in the right direction. He also explains the importance of SEO and how Google’s 3 Core Web Vitals impact website performance.

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Episode 136

Being Helpful to B2B Prospects Through Marketing

Featuring Tracy Swartzendruber, Marketing Leader, Power Generation and Oil & Gas, GE Digital

In order to understand the needs of B2B prospects and reach them through marketing, how can you provide a helpful experience? In this episode of The Kula Ring, Tracy Swartzendruber, the Marketing Leader of the Power Generation and Oil & Gas division at GE Digital, talks about how UX, cultural language, and feedback can help align your marketing with the ever-evolving needs of customers.

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Episode 130

Understanding Customer Use Cases to Inform Product Marketing

Featuring Fin Watterson, Director of Product Marketing at Stratasys.

Some manufacturing marketers need to help customers envision how to use their solution while also learning how customers use their products. This week on The Kula Ring, Fin Watterson, Director of Product Marketing at Stratasys, talks about the role of a product marketer in a manufacturing organization, translating product information from the engineers and builders for customers. Additionally, he discusses how Stratasys worked with one customer to develop marketing messaging around their application use case.

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Episode 129

Optimizing Marketing Initiatives to Get Closer to the Customer

Featuring Mike Kazmierczak, Vice President of Marketing, Digital Energy & Buildings End Market at Schneider Electric.

How can manufacturers use customer trends to inform their marketing decisions during critical changes in the marketplace? In this episode of The Kula Ring, Mike Kazmierczak, Vice President of Marketing, Digital Energy & Buildings End Market at Schneider Electric, shares how he’s using data and voice of the customer to optimize new marketing initiatives. Additionally, he discusses how Schneider Electric is changing roles across the company to cater to customer types and personas and how this structure impacts the marketing content they produce.

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Episode 128

How a Manufacturer Adapted Relationship Selling for Virtual Environments

Featuring Ryan Carley, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Mason Controls.

As trade shows and conferences continue in virtual forms for the foreseeable future, manufacturers must identify ways to optimize relationship selling. In this week’s episode of The Kula Ring, Ryan Carley, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Mason Controls, talks about how relationship selling has changed for his team during the pandemic, how they are adapting the sales process with new remote tactics, and where he thinks relationship selling is going as virtual connections continue to be the norm.

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Episode 125

How an ERP Rollout Can Benefit From a Marketing Lens

Featuring Sam Gupta, Principal Consultant at ElevatIQ.

During an ERP rollout, manufacturing marketers in small and medium- sized enterprises often find themselves on the outside looking in. Sam Gupta, Principal Consultant at ElevatIQ, says marketers should be integrated into ERP initiatives because of their unique ability to identify new products and new markets. In this week’s episode of The Kula Ring, Sam talks about what marketers bring to the table that service personnel might miss, and how providing all team members with access to real-time ERP data can improve customer experience.

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Episode 118

How a Manufacturer Leverages a Distributor-First Ecommerce Model

Featuring Jeff Bercume, Director of CX Marketing at Berry Global.

How can manufacturers leverage their distributor relationships through ecommerce? In this episode of The Kula Ring, Jeff Bercume, Director of CX Marketing at Berry Global, shares how the company’s subsidiary brand,, operates as an ecommerce site with a distributor-first model. He talks about how the website’s workflow is geared towards distributors, and how this ecommerce configuration can address capacity issues across manufacturing.

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