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Episode 180

Manufacturing the Next Generation of Workforce Skills

Featuring Mike Nager, Business Development Manager for the Festo Didactic Solution Center.

As online education becomes the norm and companies like Google no longer require a degree as a job prerequisite, what will educating the manufacturing workforce look like beyond 2020? In this episode of The Kula Ring, Mike Nager, Business Development Manager for the Festo Didactic Solution Center, talks about the role of niche technical education in providing hands-on training for manufacturing technologies and how Festo Didactic is adapting its strategy into the digital space after the pandemic.

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Episode 179

How a Manufacturer Standardizes Product Data for CX

Featuring Cynthia Kellam, Global Head of Digital & Enterprise Customer Experience at TE Connectivity.

How can manufacturers with various product portfolios gained from mergers and acquisitions ensure their products are discoverable both on their website and third party domains? In this episode of The Kula Ring, Cynthia Kellam, Global Head of Digital & Enterprise Customer Experience at TE Connectivity, shares how customer experience research led her team to standardize product data in order to improve organic searchability.

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Episode 178

Manufacturing a Self-Service Platform for Customers of All Sizes

Featuring Melanie Virreira, Director, Global Commercial Enablement at Ball Corporation

How can manufacturers better serve customers of various sizes? In this episode of The Kula Ring, Melanie Virreira, Director of Global Commercial Enablement at Ball Corporation, talks about how her team created a digital self-service portal for multiple customer segments. She shares lessons learned from mapping customer journeys on the self-service portal, and how her team integrated the portal with sales.

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Episode 174

How to Keep Customers and Distributors Engaged Through Brand Loyalty

Featuring Greg Palese, Vice President of Marketing at Klein Tools

Creating a brand made for loyal customers requires passion and high standards to drive continued success. Klein Tools has been manufacturing tools made for trades people for over 165 years. In today’s episode, we sat down with Greg Palese, Vice President of Marketing at Klein Tools, to discuss how they continue to grow engaged customer relationships. By speaking directly with end users, Klein Tools is able to deepen relationships and increase sales. Even more, Greg discusses how they focus on solving end user problems by visiting job sites to see first-hand how Klein Tools can help their customers.

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Episode 169

Empowering Your Sales and Marketing Teams for Better Results

Featuring Mike Currie, the General Manager of the Desktop Printing Unit at Nexa3D.

Our latest guest on The Kula Ring is Mike Currie, the General Manager of the Desktop Printing Unit at Nexa3D. He works in the 3D modelling business, making industrial 3D printers to bring the next generation of ultra-fast printing to the marketplace. In this episode, Mike talks about how he is creating and setting up his marketing and sales teams for success through leadership, empowerment and collaboration. He shares his strategies on how he’s found success in creating great customer experiences by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of his sales and marketing teams.

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Episode 168

Creating Better Digital Experiences for Manufacturing Customers

Featuring Ken Novak the Owner of HATCH quantified

This week on the Kula Ring, we talk to Ken Novak, the owner of HATCH quantified. Ken walks us through the HATCH methodology, and how he works with organizations to understand their individual audience’s needs, drivers, motivators, and challenges in order to craft and execute strategies that will help them stand out in the market. We talk to Ken about psychology’s role in digital strategy and dive deeper into how the thinking and feeling side(s) of the brain play a role in how you market and sell to your ideal customers.

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Episode 167

Building Trust with Manufacturing Prospects Using Video and Text

Featuring John Weiler, Sales Development Representative (SDR) Manager at Path Robotics.

In this week’s episode of The Kula Ring, we talk to John Weiler, SDR Manager at Path Robotics. John talks to us about the fast-paced world of growth, experimentation, and innovation in the VC (Venture Capital) world. This episode dives into how Path Robotics has seen shifts and changes in its operations over the pandemic and how they have overcome those challenges, with a particular focus on their marketing and sales departments.

John shares his unique approach to how Path Robotics approaches and builds relationships with prospects and customers using texting and video communication. Dive into this episode and learn how Path Robotics is making waves in the artificial intelligence and the industrial automation sector today.

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Episode 160

Using Niche Marketing Tactics to Build Brand Awareness

Featuring Liz Shovlin, Director of Sales & Marketing for Americas at Nicomatic.

In this episode, Liz Shovlin, the Director of Sales & Marketing for Americas at Nicomatic talks about how niche marketing and traditional sales have helped her build and expand the Nicomatic brand in the Americas. She goes into detail describing the multi-faceted marketing approach she uses that incorporates a mix of social media, content, and traditional sales to deliver the right messages to specific companies and people at the right time. Hear more from Liz on her team’s focused approach to helping customers to discover, buy, and find solutions with Nicomatic’s products.

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Episode 157

Why Manufacturing Marketers Need to Focus On Customer Experience (CX)

Featuring Augie Ray, Senior Research Analyst and Executive Advisor of Customer Experience at Gartner

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us for another episode from The Kula Ring archives. Today, we’re excited to bring you a conversation with Augie Ray, Senior Research Analyst & Executive Advisor of Customer Experience at Gartner, Inc.

Augie talks to us about CX or Customer Experience and why it’s of such a massive importance for manufacturing marketers. You’ll learn about how understanding the overall experience of the people that buy from you can help to innovate and shape a program that improves customer satisfaction, increases referrals and ultimately results in a higher lifetime value of your customers. I hope you enjoy the episode, there’s a lot of great learning to unlock.

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Episode 154

Stay Competitive with Asymmetric Marketing Strategies

Featuring David Koerner, VP of Global Marketing for 75F

Using asymmetric marketing can help you stay agile in a highly competitive market, says David Koerner, the VP of Global Marketing for 75F. He and his team have found success by applying an asymmetric lens to their marketing efforts to attract and convert their customers. David believes that marketers need to think outside the box—he talks about examples from Burger King, Five Guys, and Southwest Airlines, where they targeted their audiences in unconventional ways to stay ahead of the competition. Hear more from David Koerner on this episode of The Kula Ring.

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