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When B2B Business Masquerades as B2C: Navigating a Post Pandemic Landscape

This week on The Kula Ring, we pulled up a comfy chair with Evan Hargreaves to discuss the changing landscape in the office furniture industry. With so much of the workforce remaining hybrid or at home full time, the B2B furniture space looks a lot different than it has in the past. Evan walks us through how MillerKnoll is handling this new challenge and how they are adopting some inspiration from the sporting goods space to support their efforts. This episode is best enjoyed in a very nice chair.

Creating Marketing for Those Secluded by Necessity

On The Kula Ring we love a niche market. The varied and interesting challenges that marketers face in these highly specialized markets never ceases to amaze. This week we are joined by one such marketer. Mike McCormack is the VP of Marketing and Strategy with the Appleton Group, a division of Emerson. Mike and his team market to customers that are secluded, both physically and technologically; within business infrastructures where internet connectivity may not be allowed for safety. It is an exciting conversation with unique hurdles that Mike and Appleton have had to overcome. You have internet though, because you’re reading this. So get listening, you won’t be disappointed.

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Working From the Inside Out: How to Build a Diverse and Inclusive Team

This week on The Kula Ring we are joined by Jay Suggs. Jay has spent a considerable amount of time investigating what makes an effective team. He was the head of Johnson Controls’ diversity and inclusion initiative, and he gives us a look at what it takes to create an inclusive work team where everyone feels supported and brings something unique to the table; assembling the Avengers as he calls it. We look at some high level aspects as well as diving deep into some of the more difficult parts of being a good leader of people.

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Finding What Works: Digital Age Marketing For Those Who Aren’t at a Screen

So we do stuff digital now, that probably isn’t news to you. But, what if your ICP isn’t sitting at a screen all day? How do we make sure that the marketing content we are creating is going to get in front of them and be effective when it is? Jon Star of Methods Machine Tools tackles this problem head on. Method’s buyer persona is, more often than not, an operator or technician that isn’t stuck at a desk all day. So Jon has put considerable effort into making sure that their marketing efforts are effective to someone on the move. This is a great chat that covers data backed marketing and eventually the virtues of executive comms. Go ahead, press play.

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Adapting to Rapid Market Expansion with Strategic Content Marketing

This week on the Summer Spotlight Series, We are looking back on our conversation with Paul Dailey. While Paul was at Outback Power he was at the helm of transitioning to new technologies and growing their available market. Paul shares some fantastic insight on marketing in a growing industry and establishing a value proposition as customers’ options expand. This was a great chat and we are so pleased to bring it back to our listeners.


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