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Episode 73

How to Evolve Your B2B Brand Message After an Acquisition

Featuring Cathy Dodd, Vice President of Marketing at PolyOne

Any time a manufacturer acquires new assets, the brand evolves along with their customer base. How do you manage your communications strategy to keep pace with mergers and acquisitions? Cathy Dodd, Vice President of Marketing for PolyOne, talks to Jeff and Carman on The Kula Ring about how PolyOne created a campaign called “Challenge Accepted” to bring clarity to their brand messaging across a broad range of industries using customer feedback, buyer persona work, and through consolidating their website to better serve as a solutions-driver for their customers.

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Episode 28

How to Collaborate Effectively with Former Competitors

Featuring Cori Walsh, Marketing Specialist and Jake Jeffords, Director of Marketing and Global Account at Vermeer MV Solutions

In this episode of The Kula Ring, Jeff and Carman chat with Cori Walsh and Jake Jeffords—two marketers who worked for competing manufacturers that have recently both been acquired by Vermeer. They discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with learning to collaborate with a former competitor.

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