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Creating Growth and Finding New Ground in an Invisible Industry

This week on The Kula Ring we got a chance to sit down with Lori Raymond. Lori is the CEO of Tourmaline Enterprises, a thermal inkjet printer manufacturer in California. We discussed tiered marketing strategies. Creating messaging for process engineers, distributors, and consumers alike. Additionally, Lori shared stories from her experience of being a female CEO in a historically male dominated field. This is an insightful episode, why are you still reading!? Start listening.

Paving the Way for More Women in Manufacturing

Mavens of Manufacturing host Meaghan Ziemba started the live video broadcast series to help close the gender and skills gap in the manufacturing industry. The show is a place for women in the male-dominated industry to share their stories and support one another, as well as offer mentorship for women at the start of their careers. The Mavens community also works with the education system in the US to better inform young women and girls about manufacturing or engineering career pathways.

Humanizing Your Manufacturing Marketing Strategy

Understand your customers better by humanizing your marketing approach. This is what Cindy Deekitwong, the Global Head of Marketing, Incubator Business, at Henkel Adhesive Technologies believes. In this week’s episode of The Kula Ring, Cindy talks about how she and her team use a customer-first marketing approach, which she calls B4E – Business for Everyone.

Building a Voice of Customer System to Enhance Customer-Centric Decision Making

In today’s episode, we chatted with Cynthia Kellam, Global Senior Director, Digital, Data and Customer Experience Center of Excellence at TE Connectivity, again to discuss how collecting and using digital data can create better customer experiences. She explains their journey of building a better Voice of Customer system to help all business units in TE Connectivity make customer-focused decisions. Cynthia explains how she avoids survey fatigue, uses automation techniques, and visualizes data for actionable success.

Developing a Third-Party and Distribution Channel Ecommerce Strategy

Paying attention to how your product is sold online is only the starting point to creating a positive customer experience for E-commerce shoppers. Jacki Lutz, Head of Communications, Training and E-commerce, Aftermarket, at Sensata Technologies, explores the marketing strategy her team uses to develop messaging that resonates with customers across all E-commerce platforms. She reveals why helping customers sell Sensata products and upholding Sensata’s reputation for customer experience is important to her team.


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