Reimagine Your Manufacturing Brand Online: An Introductory Guide

Topic: Design

Type: Articles & Guides

For newly developed or redeveloped manufacturing brands, digital considerations should be baked into visual design elements. However, legacy manufacturing brands may encounter issues that prevent them from being seamlessly integrated with the current standards of digital platforms. For legacy manufacturing brands where visual elements originated in print, marketers and related stakeholders need to become aware […]

Designing Manufacturing Websites for Everyone & Avoiding Accessibility Lawsuits

Topic: Business Strategy, Design, Development, Insights

Type: Articles & Guides

I’ll start with a question: do you know if your website can easily be accessed and used by someone with a disability? Many marketers don’t know that guidelines exist for developing an accessible website, let alone that if their website is not designed and maintained to be accessible by people with disabilities, that they’re actually […]

21 Tips for Creating a High-Performing International Manufacturing Website

Topic: Business Strategy, Design, Development, Digital Marketing

Type: Articles & Guides

Manufacturers face a number of unique challenges when it comes to their websites. There are factors that typically make manufacturing websites different, such as B2B ecommerce, or dealer and distributor models. Manufacturing websites, perhaps more than sites in any other industry, serve as a critical piece of your buyer’s journey. No one is a better authority […]

Designing Websites for Multiple Buyer Personas

Topic: Design, Digital Marketing

Type: Articles & Guides

Designing a website for multiple personas can feel like a daunting task. After all, every persona is different, with different demographics, psychographics, goals, challenges, and identifiers. Your goal is to make the site feel custom designed for each individual who visits—as if the site was made specifically for them. When something feels like it’s been […]

How To Nail An Inbound-Optimized Website Redesign

Topic: Content Marketing, Design, Digital Marketing

Type: Articles & Guides

Like building a house without a blueprint, redesigning your website without a solid inbound plan can leave you dealing with poor construction, a lack of functionality, and a wasted budget. Answering these critical five questions before you redesign your website is an excellent start, and developing a more comprehensive inbound strategy at the outset of your redesign project can […]


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