How to Execute Account-Based Marketing Campaigns with Terminus and HubSpot

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Manufacturing marketers are turning their attention to Account-Based Marketing to augment more traditional digital marketing channels. If you’re still learning about what ABM is and why you might need it, have a read of this account-based marketing blog post that our own Floyd Peyton wrote over three years ago. While the technologies may have evolved since then, the description of the methodology […]

Manufacturing Better Content

Topic: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, HubSpot, Insights

Type: Articles & Guides

In my work with manufacturing marketers, I have found that many of you struggle with content—what to produce, how much, and how often. I want to look at the question of “what to produce” first, because if we get that right I think it will help determine exactly how much of it we should be […]

Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Counts on Great Social Selling

Topic: Digital Marketing, HubSpot, Lead Generation, Social Media

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According to data recently released in the 2017 State of Inbound, social selling is rapidly gaining traction as a critical component of any B2B inbound marketing strategy. With interest on the rise, salespeople and the inbound marketers who support them want to learn more about the potential benefits of social selling, as well as how to […]

Inbound sales: It’s not about you

Topic: Digital Marketing, HubSpot, Inbound Sales

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Kula’s Director of Business Development, Jesse, and I were on a call with a prospect the other day. Before the call began, we were joking around about how some relationships are symbiotic and how others are parasitic. Just like we learned in junior high biology class, symbiotic relationships are those in which both parties benefit equally, […]


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