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Improving Distributor/Dealer Accountability

Topic: Business Strategy, Inbound Sales, Insights

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Manufacturing marketers working with a distributor or dealer network face unique challenges. Among them is that sinking feeling of frustration we can have as marketers when we know we’re generating leads, but we’re unsure of how they’re being managed after we send them into the dealer network. Too often, when we think about accountability in […]

Active Buyers: Marketing to the Yes

Topic: Inbound Sales, Insights

Type: Articles & Guides

TL;DR—Focus your marketing by targeting it to those members of the B2B buying committee who are Active Buyers and have a role in saying Yes. A few weeks ago we talked about the need to focus your marketing efforts. In the process, we talked about Active Buyers. Let’s unpack that a bit further. There are several […]

Finding Your Buyers

Topic: Digital Marketing, Inbound Sales, Insights, Lead Generation

Type: Articles & Guides

Who are we creating for? It’s the question that smart marketers ask before beginning almost anything—from strategy development to website redesigns. And while Buyer Personas are more commonplace now as a tool marketers use in answering this question, nowadays, the answer is a bit more complex than it used to be. We know the B2B […]

Improve Your Sales Team’s Connect Rate with New Leads

Topic: Inbound Sales, Insights

Type: Articles & Guides

Whether you’re nurturing your marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to a lead score trigger before engaging business development, or eagerly vetting everyone in almost real time, there will come a time when the marketing-to-sales transition happens. And from there, the next step is for someone to make direct contact with the prospect. It’s at this moment […]

4 Ways to Make Business Development Strategies More Human

Topic: Business Strategy, Inbound Sales, Lead Generation

Type: Articles & Guides

Your leads are armed with more information than ever, and they’re often savvy enough to do the research required to make a decision before they make first contact with your organization. So what does that mean for you when you’re trying to attract and nurture leads and win more customers? And how do you set […]


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