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Episode 235

Telling the Right Story: Diversifying Brand Through New Verticals

Featuring John Buglino, Director of Marketing at Optessa.

The desire to grow and diversify is obviously fairly universal for marketers. The question is how do we break into a new vertical? John Buglino is on the show this week discussing just that. We discuss how he and Optessa are trying to write the stories about new verticals that tell their customers and partners what Optessa can offer them. As well as an ingenious way to use the trust system we have developed with our partners. What are you waiting for? The play button is right there!

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Episode 234

Using the Big Long Idea to Climb the B2B Effectiveness Ladder

Featuring Jeff White and Carman Pirie, Principals at Kula Partners.

This week we are going guest less! Jeff and Carman sat down to have a conversation around the B2B effectiveness ladder and how that translates into creating a Big Long Idea. Sorting out how B2B manufacturers with long sales cycles and intricate offerings can build an idea that will inform their marketing for years to come, not quarters. This is a super informative conversation where we dive deep into successes and pitfalls.

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Episode 226

Finding Opportunity Against Larger Competition

Featuring Amy Cooper, VP of Sales and Marketing at Atlas Carbon

So many marketers are battling behemoth competition in their industries. So how does David arm themselves against Goliath? Amy Cooper of Atlas Carbon has found some particularly excellent stones to put in your sling. Amy works in an industry that is heavily influenced by regulation and legislation, meaning the competition is deeply entrenched. Still she has found a way to ensure her and Atlas Carbon can carve out their fair share (and maybe a little more), this week on The Kula Ring.

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Episode 200

Privacy Meets Account-Based Marketing: Are There Too Many Hands In The Cookie Jar?

Featuring Carman Pirie and Jeff White, Principals at Kula Partners

What does a marketing world look like where account-based marketing and privacy legislation can co-exist in harmony? We are not sure yet, but we can prepare by delivering high-quality content that target accounts will opt-in to receive. Of course, that is a simplification of the situation. Jeff White and Carman Pirie dive into the details of the imminent collision of these two trends on our 200th episode of The Kula Ring. From cookies to content-gating—learn how you can prepare when you listen to this podcast.

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Episode 191

Bridging the Organizational Data Gap to Build Better Decision-Making Tools

Featuring Ryan Knox, Co-founder of Bridge Digital

Digging into data and exploring technology to undercover insights in your organization is vital to operations efficiency. Ryan Knox, Co-founder of Bridge Digital explores the use of digital tools to create efficiency in all areas of an organization from IT, Marketing, Sales, and more. He discusses the benefits of extracting data vs. using specific tools to help organizations get results that helps them do their job better and the importance of creating excitement for internal change when implementing new technologies.

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Episode 167

Building Trust with Manufacturing Prospects Using Video and Text

Featuring John Weiler, Sales Development Representative (SDR) Manager at Path Robotics.

In this week’s episode of The Kula Ring, we talk to John Weiler, SDR Manager at Path Robotics. John talks to us about the fast-paced world of growth, experimentation, and innovation in the VC (Venture Capital) world. This episode dives into how Path Robotics has seen shifts and changes in its operations over the pandemic and how they have overcome those challenges, with a particular focus on their marketing and sales departments.

John shares his unique approach to how Path Robotics approaches and builds relationships with prospects and customers using texting and video communication. Dive into this episode and learn how Path Robotics is making waves in the artificial intelligence and the industrial automation sector today.

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