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Episode 167

Building Trust with Manufacturing Prospects Using Video and Text

Featuring John Weiler, Sales Development Representative (SDR) Manager at Path Robotics.

In this week’s episode of The Kula Ring, we talk to John Weiler, SDR Manager at Path Robotics. John talks to us about the fast-paced world of growth, experimentation, and innovation in the VC (Venture Capital) world. This episode dives into how Path Robotics has seen shifts and changes in its operations over the pandemic and how they have overcome those challenges, with a particular focus on their marketing and sales departments.

John shares his unique approach to how Path Robotics approaches and builds relationships with prospects and customers using texting and video communication. Dive into this episode and learn how Path Robotics is making waves in the artificial intelligence and the industrial automation sector today.

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Episode 163

OKR Alignment is Critical for Successful Marketing Strategies

Featuring Matt Canter, the Director of Marketing at Greenfield Global.

Matt Canter, our latest guest on The Kula Ring, dives into the objectives and key results methodology he and his team are applying to their marketing strategies to target and grow Greenfield Global’s four main pillars: customer experience, retention, acquisition, and brand positioning. Matt has a diverse work background with unique experiences in several industries including sports marketing, cannabis, and luxury travel. He’s currently the Director of Marketing at one of America’s largest ethanol producers, packagers, and distributors—Greenfield Global. Listeners will learn how Matt uses automation and efficient systems paired with a deep organizational alignment to achieve Greenfield Globals’s marketing objectives.

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Episode 161

Get Intentional With the MOVE Go-To-Market Framework

Featuring Sangram Vajre, the co-founder of Terminus.

This week on the Kula Ring podcast we sat down with return guest Sangram Vajre, the co-founder of Terminus. He chats us through his latest book, ‘MOVE: The 4-question Go-to-Market Framework,’ which was created to propel businesses forward in their go-to-market process. Sangram pulls excerpts from this book and shares his knowledge with Jeff and Carman on how marketers can approach their go-to-market to be more intentional and make better decisions for their companies.

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Episode 140

Getting Started With ABM: Gain Early Wins and Avoid Missteps

Featuring Floyd Blaikie, Senior Strategist at Kula Partners

In another showcase of the Kula Partners team, Floyd Blaikie, Senior Strategist, explains how manufacturing marketers can benefit from developing a strategy with multi-year goals before getting started with ABM. Then with this roadmap, they can better align with sales to gain early wins. Floyd also provides tips on avoiding common ABM missteps.

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Episode 136

Being Helpful to B2B Prospects Through Marketing

Featuring Tracy Swartzendruber, Marketing Leader, Power Generation and Oil & Gas, GE Digital

In order to understand the needs of B2B prospects and reach them through marketing, how can you provide a helpful experience? In this episode of The Kula Ring, Tracy Swartzendruber, the Marketing Leader of the Power Generation and Oil & Gas division at GE Digital, talks about how UX, cultural language, and feedback can help align your marketing with the ever-evolving needs of customers.

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Episode 135

Bringing ABM to Every B2B Marketing Campaign

Featuring Gladys Fernandez, Marketing Director, Demand Generation at Hitachi ABB Power Grids.

How can B2B manufacturers scale their account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns? In this episode of The Kula Ring, Gladys Fernandez, the Director of Marketing and Demand Generation at Hitachi ABB Power Grids, talks about how she helped establish ABM at the manufacturer, from initial pilot campaigns to having every marketing campaign designed with an account-based approach. She shares best practices for creating pilot ABM campaigns and scaling efforts to larger accounts.

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Episode 121

Tips for Piloting Account-Based Marketing for B2B Manufacturers

Featuring Taylor Narewski, Global Marketing and Communications Director, at ARCA

Like many B2B manufacturers, ARCA sells to a small number of very specific niche markets. Targeting a small list of banks and credit unions who could benefit from ARCA’s cash automation and recycling solutions, their marketing team crafted highly personalized one-to-one account-based marketing campaigns and successfully generated awareness and opportunities within key accounts. Learn how ARCA successfully piloted ABM on this week’s episode of The Kula Ring podcast.

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Episode 117

Repurposing Content Marketing for ABM

Featuring Renee Tarnutzer, Marketing Director, Digital for North America at Kerry.

How can manufacturing marketers repurpose existing content for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns? In this episode of The Kula Ring, Renee Tarnutzer, Marketing Director for Digital at Kerry for North America, talks about reviewing the company’s bank of content marketing in order to make it fit an ABM model. Additionally, she shares their process for compiling target accounts and optimizing content to serve different verticals.

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Episode 100

ABM Lessons from The Kula Ring’s First 100 Episodes

Featuring Jeff White and Carman Pirie, co-hosts of The Kula Ring.

To celebrate The Kula Ring’s 100th episode, co-hosts Jeff White and Carman Pirie reflect on account-based marketing insights from exceptional guests. They share lessons from Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder of Terminus, on the strategic nature of ABM; Daniel Englebretson’s 100% win rate using ABM with Phononic; and Fabio Luz’s pilot ABM campaign success at Schneider Electric.

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Episode 87

Optimizing an ABM Campaign Using Engagement Metrics

Featuring Sergio Lemus, Senior Manager, Demand Generation at Cooper Lighting Solutions

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is designed to reach your best-fit accounts with highly focused and relevant messages. But what happens when your target accounts don’t convert on the products or actions you serve them? Sergio Lemus, Senior Manager, Demand Generation at Cooper Lighting Solutions, shares conversion challenges from the company’s first ABM campaign, and how they turned things around to benefit from 100% engagement on target accounts.

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