Using Locator Technology to Connect Sales Prospects with Channel Partners

Connecting with your channel partners as a manufacturer is vital for every step of the buyer’s journey. Are you a manufacturer looking for new ways to improve your communication with channel partners and customers? Then this episode is for you. Joshua Rich, President and CEO of Bullseye Software, has been supporting manufacturers with location technology for over twenty years. Learn why location technology is a must have tool for manufacturers to grow their customer base and their relationships with dealers, distributors, and partners.

Understanding the Value of Marketing as an Investment to Help You Sell

Sales and marketing alignment is huge, and historically, sales and marketing haven’t been best friends. Steven Nghe, Head of Marketing and Communications at Kloeckner Metals, discusses when Kloeckner Metals realized that sales and marketing has changed, and they needed to change with it. He discusses the digitalization of more multidimensional and complex marketing practices that need to be enhanced for sales and marketing to make selling manufacturing more efficient. He also discusses how he gained trust from VPs on marketing being a worthwhile investment by exposing what marketing really is.

Bringing Real Life Marketing Moments to Industrial Automation

When all the players in the industry are using the same visuals, how do you stand out? In this episode of The Kula Ring, Monique Elliott, SVP of Global Marketing at Schneider Electric, Industrial Automation, discusses their challenger approach to bring industrial automation to life through different visuals that also appeal to the end-user. She also discusses how core campaign pillars are used to guide marketing strategy from visuals to thought leadership to earned media.

How Marketers Can Effectively Secure Buy-in From The C-suite

In this episode of The Kula Ring podcast, we’re joined by marketing leadership expert and organizational psychologist Thomas Barta. He’s worked with hundreds of companies over his 20-year career to facilitate and lead organizational transformations. On the podcast, Thomas shares how marketers can build better relationships with the C-suite and achieve buy-in on their ideas. Diving deeper, he shares three core gaps that can limit a marketer’s potential: skills, power, and trust. We round out the episode speaking with Thomas about future marketing trends, focusing on the importance of data technology.

Building Trust with Manufacturing Prospects Using Video and Text

In this week’s episode of The Kula Ring, we talk to John Weiler, SDR Manager at Path Robotics. John talks to us about the fast-paced world of growth, experimentation, and innovation in the VC (Venture Capital) world. This episode dives into how Path Robotics has seen shifts and changes in its operations over the pandemic and how they have overcome those challenges, with a particular focus on their marketing and sales departments.


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