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Episode 82

How Podcasting Fits Into a B2B Manufacturing Marketing Strategy

Featuring Iris Weeden, Director of Marketing at MacroFab

Should B2B manufacturers step into the already-crowded podcasting arena? Iris Weeden, Director of Marketing at MacroFab, says the MacroFab Engineering Podcast is the company’s content engine with the added bonus of generating leads and revenue. She shares how the podcast drives traffic and conversions to the website, how they’ve grown to 5,000 downloads per week, and how they choose topics for the podcast and blog.

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Episode 75

Creating a Sustainability Marketing Campaign That Buyers Can Relate To

Featuring Sam Prudhomme, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Mission Critical Environments at Senneca Holdings

With data consumption rates doubling every year, and regulations becoming an industry trend, the data center industry needs to increase its reporting of power consumption. How can companies square their offerings with the global reality, and evolve their positioning and their messaging? Sam Prudhomme is Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mission Critical Environments for Senneca Holdings, a company with a sub-division called Subzero Engineering that creates products that reduce the carbon footprint of data centers. Sam talks to Carman and Jeff about harmonizing campaign messaging around corporate responsibility and sustainability in order to help customers see the financial benefit of offsetting carbon emissions.

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Episode 72

How B2B Manufacturers Can Harness Emotional Connections in Marketing Campaigns

Featuring Luke Schoenbeck, Marketing Director at Mark VII Equipment

Emotional marketing campaigns are compelling, but where do they fit into a B2B manufacturer’s content strategy? Luke Schoenbeck, Marketing Director at Mark VII Equipment, created a year-long campaign showcasing car wash equipment factory workers and the team atmosphere at the company. He talks to Jeff and Carman on The Kula Ring podcast about how a focus on people (versus products or services) dramatically impacted engagement rates and conversions, and how Mark VII Equipment will approach its “people” campaign next year.

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Episode 68

Troubleshooting + Time: Tips For Manufacturing Content Success

Featuring David Holliday, Director of Product Marketing at ProMach and founder of

In this episode of The Kula Ring, manufacturing content veteran David Holliday, Director of Product Marketing at ProMach and founder at, shares his experience creating successful, problem-solving B2B content. Among his top tips: own your platform, build your personal brand, think long-term, and don’t try too hard to rank—be a problem-solver instead.

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Episode 67

Creating a Unified Content Strategy Across a Global Marketplace

Featuring Courtney Sperlich, Marketing Director at The Duha Group

In this episode of The Kula Ring, Courtney Sperlich—Marketing Director at The Duha Group, an international manufacturer of colour marketing tools—discusses her organization’s challenges in scaling and interpreting marketing content for global and local customers. Colour has universal impact, but its appeal can vary dramatically between geographical regions. Courtney talks with Jeff and Carman about her 16-year career at The Duha Group and how they approach digital transformation, content distribution, and marketing their expertise to a diverse range of buyers.

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Episode 65

How Manufacturers Can Translate “Engineer Speak” Into Benefit-Focused Content

Featuring Lisa Hargrove, Director of Sales and Marketing at LS Industries

Lisa Hargrove, Director of Sales and Marketing at LS Industries, shares with The Kula Ring her approach to taking highly technical content and reframing it in a way that’s accessible and appealing to customers. She also explains why you should never underestimate the effort it takes to write good content as part of a website redesign.

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Episode 60

How Journalism Shapes a B2B Marketer’s Approach

Featuring Tracey Rettig, Marketing Specialist at Kistler Instrument Corporation

Tracey Rettig, Marketing Specialist at Kistler Instrument Corporation, joins Jeff and Carman on The Kula Ring to share how her journalism background has helped shape her approach to marketing and communications. She also explains why, as a B2B manufacturing marketer, it’s important to distill technical information into messaging that fits each audience and where they’re at in the buying cycle.

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Episode 57

Using Video To Build and Strengthen Customer Relationships

Featuring James Stanaway, Director of Marketing, Epilog Laser

James Stanaway, Director of Marketing at Epilog Laser, talks with Carman and Jeff about how video content plays a major role in their marketing strategy. From creating how-to videos that support their customers post-purchase, to co-creating video with customers and showcasing user-generated content, James shares how Epilog has grown its YouTube channel to over four and a half million views—along with how they track each video’s contribution to sales.

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Episode 46

Using Earned Media as a Source of Content Marketing

Featuring David Ward, Director of Public Affairs at the Association of Equipment Manufacturers

David Ward, Director of Public Affairs at the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, brings his public relations perspective to The Kula Ring, sharing insights on how manufacturing marketers can use earned media as a source of content marketing, the importance of internal communications, and how virtual reality (VR) is being used in marketing and public affairs.

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