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Why Empathy is the Secret to High-Performing B2B Technical Content

On this week’s episode of The Kula Ring, Greg Paulsen, Director of Applications Engineering and Marketing at Xometry, gives insight into his formula for success when it comes to creating technical content for a B2B audience. Rather than focusing on the question of ‘what is,’ high-quality technical content that resonates should be centered around the question of ‘why’—why it benefits the customer, or why it matters to the industry at large. Listen to the episode to hear Greg talk about how understanding the ‘why’ comes through having been there himself; or in other words, through having empathy.

Overcoming Cold Feet When Developing B2B Video Content

The stats around video consumption grow exponentially each year. To what extent should manufacturing marketers care about that? Everyone seems to agree that producing video content should happen and is easier than ever, but taking the plunge feels overwhelming to the point where it doesn’t get done. On this week’s episode of The Kula Ring, Jeff Long, Owner of True Focus Media, shares his approach to developing and distributing industrial marketing video content.

Influencer Marketing and a Cross-Platform Approach to Organic Engagement

Thinking outside the box and getting weird is what today’s guest is all about. Eddie Saunders, Marketing Manager for FlexArm, a division of Flex Machine Tools, discusses his cutting-edge marketing strategies to get Flex Machine Tools noticed by the right people. He explains his cross-platform approach and discusses his use of video-based social media platforms including YouTube and TikTok. He dives deep into building relationships with influencers to add value to his products online presence.

Best Practices for Globally-Coordinated Manufacturing Marketing and Sales

It’s all about understanding and respecting the nuances between local and global markets to stay agile, shares our latest guest, Ashley Riley, the Director of Global Marketing Campaigns and Content at Nilfisk. In this week’s episode of The Kula Ring, Ashley talks about the power of process and alignment, specifically referencing the RACI setup to keep team members informed and accountable on where they fit into the organization. She dives deeper to talk about how she’s keeping her workforce connected through the power of technology, process automation, and systems to give her team the tools they need to thrive.

OKR Alignment is Critical for Successful Marketing Strategies

Matt Canter, our latest guest on The Kula Ring, dives into the objectives and key results methodology he and his team are applying to their marketing strategies to target and grow Greenfield Global’s four main pillars: customer experience, retention, acquisition, and brand positioning. Matt has a diverse work background with unique experiences in several industries including sports marketing, cannabis, and luxury travel. He’s currently the Director of Marketing at one of America’s largest ethanol producers, packagers, and distributors—Greenfield Global. Listeners will learn how Matt uses automation and efficient systems paired with a deep organizational alignment to achieve Greenfield Globals’s marketing objectives.


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