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Episode 201

Weighing the Benefits of Using Agile Project Management for Marketing

Featuring Carman Pirie and Jeff White, Principals at Kula Partners

Agile Project Management is not something that typically comes to mind when discussing marketing. But, when clients discover that is how we manage marketing work at Kula Partners, Jeff and Carman often find themselves answering curious questions about it. In this episode of The Kula Ring, we discuss what Agile is and share how our experience can help manufacturing marketers weigh the benefits and barriers of implementing the project management style.

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Episode 194

Influencer Marketing and a Cross-Platform Approach to Organic Engagement

Featuring Eddie Saunders, Marketing Manager of FlexArm, a division of Flex Machine Tools

Thinking outside the box and getting weird is what today’s guest is all about. Eddie Saunders, Marketing Manager for FlexArm, a division of Flex Machine Tools, discusses his cutting-edge marketing strategies to get Flex Machine Tools noticed by the right people. He explains his cross-platform approach and discusses his use of video-based social media platforms including YouTube and TikTok. He dives deep into building relationships with influencers to add value to his products online presence.

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Episode 191

Bridging the Organizational Data Gap to Build Better Decision-Making Tools

Featuring Ryan Knox, Co-founder of Bridge Digital

Digging into data and exploring technology to undercover insights in your organization is vital to operations efficiency. Ryan Knox, Co-founder of Bridge Digital explores the use of digital tools to create efficiency in all areas of an organization from IT, Marketing, Sales, and more. He discusses the benefits of extracting data vs. using specific tools to help organizations get results that helps them do their job better and the importance of creating excitement for internal change when implementing new technologies.

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Episode 188

Going Outside Your Comfort Zone To Create A Digital Footprint

Featuring Bob Lennon, Co-owner and President of ThermalWood Canada

Getting outside your comfort zone takes strategy and today’s guest is a pro at doing just that. Bob Lennon, Co-owner and President of ThermalWood Canada explains how he uses indirect marketing strategies to connect with people and create a digital footprint. He provides examples of product storytelling and marketing strategies to get your company recognition and its values exposed.

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Episode 185

How Manufacturers Can Use Marketing To Solve Problems For Their Customers

Featuring Kristi Flores, Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer at Tektronix

Marketing to solve problems for your customers is the highlight from today’s episode. Kristi Flores, Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer at Tektronix, explores how she uses marketing strategies to understand her customers’ challenges and create customer connections. She explains why customer obsession is one of Tektronik’s core values. By understanding which digital marketing strategies to employ, Kristi is able to create lasting customer relationships and engagement.

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Episode 184

How Manufacturers Can Benefit From Using E-commerce In Their Marketing Strategy

Featuring Adam Krumbein, Marketing Director at Outward

Website transformations have helped manufacturers get more products online and seen by potential customers, but how do you form a lasting online presence with customers in 2022? Adam Krumbein, Marketing Director at Outward, shares his marketing expertise with us in today’s episode discussing how manufacturers can benefit from using E-commerce. We explore the advantages of connecting to your customers through E-commerce to elevate your brand and product awareness. Adam shares how E-commerce can help to differentiate your products from the competition and transform your marketing strategy.

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Episode 183

How Manufacturers Can Connect With Audiences Through Authentic Storytelling

Featuring Kristin Fallon, Vice President of Brand & Digital Marketing at GE Healthcare

Building a storytelling program takes time and patience for an organization to understand their purpose and brand. In today’s episode we welcome back Kristin Fallon, Vice President of Brand and Digital Marketing at GE Healthcare. Kristin walks us through the planning process behind a captivating and long-term storytelling program and her experience working in the healthcare industry during COVID. She provides details on how manufacturers can create their own storytelling program with marketing and strategy tools including templates and a storytelling wrangler.

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Episode 182

Using Agency Support to Complement Your In-house Marketing Team

Featuring Mike Zimm, VP of Marketing at Kris-Tech Wire

Growing your marketing team means new strategies and most often, new skills. Mike Zimm, VP of Marketing at Kris-Tech Wire talks about his experience working on both agency and in-house sides of marketing by examining their key differences. He explores how to think through the process of choosing which marketing support will be beneficial to your organization’s goals and teams long-term. Explore the top questions and qualities Mike Zimm recommends you ask your team internally before you partner with a marketing agency.

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Episode 181

How Diamon-Fusion International Provides Marketing Agency Services and End-user Support to Help Their Customers Thrive

Featuring Syndi Sim, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Diamon-Fusion International, Inc.

Marketing is critical for your customers to understand the value of choosing your product. In this week’s episode, Syndi Sim, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Diamon-Fusion International, Inc., discusses how she supports her customers with marketing agency services and end-user support to help their customers thrive. Learn the importance of customer marketing, product education, and customer monitoring and engagement to help transform your customer relationships.

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Episode 178

Manufacturing a Self-Service Platform for Customers of All Sizes

Featuring Melanie Virreira, Director, Global Commercial Enablement at Ball Corporation

How can manufacturers better serve customers of various sizes? In this episode of The Kula Ring, Melanie Virreira, Director of Global Commercial Enablement at Ball Corporation, talks about how her team created a digital self-service portal for multiple customer segments. She shares lessons learned from mapping customer journeys on the self-service portal, and how her team integrated the portal with sales.

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