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Episode 95

The Digital Strategy of a Network Manufacturing Platform

Featuring Aaron Lichtig, VP of Growth Marketing, Xometry

Aaron Lichtig, Vice President of Growth Marketing shares how Xometry uses a digital approach on going to market as a network-based manufacturing platform. The two-sided network uses content marketing to attract customer demand, and partner acquisition marketing activities to secure the supplier side of the business. Xometry’s overall marketing is based on Google’s See, Think, Do, Care model, which is discussed more on this episode of The Kula Ring. Aaron also has some great stories to share as a former Jeopardy champion and the host of the podcast, OK Xoomer.

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Episode 93

How a Manufacturer Evolved Its Digital Marketing Over the Decade

Featuring Eoin Vincent, Senior Global Marketing Technology Manager at Olympus

The last decade has seen a dramatic change in the way manufacturers, marketers, and agencies approach the web. In this episode of The Kula Ring, Eoin Vincent, Senior Global Marketing Technology Manager at Olympus, shares his experience creating successful manufacturing marketing content over the last 11 years. He talks about how he manages his team as the work becomes increasingly digital and the evolution of marketing organizations from generalists to specialists.

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Episode 88

What Can a B2B Manufacturer Achieve Through Sales and Marketing Automation?

Featuring Andrew Vocaire, Director of Digital Strategy at Ravago

B2B manufacturers with limited addressable markets are expanding their reach by translating best practices from sales relationships into automated environments. Andrew Vocaire, Director of Digital Strategy at Ravago, a global plastic production and distribution company, shares insights into the company’s experimentation with digital tools and processes to acquire market share.

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Episode 85

Future-Proof Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Featuring James Soto, CEO of Industrial Strength Marketing

More than most industries, manufacturers know that innovation is key to survival. But what value is placed on marketing efforts during this transition? James Soto, Founder & CEO of Industrial Strength Marketing, talks to Jeff and Carman about how B2B industrial marketers are leading the digital transformation charge and why they need to bring executive leadership on side to foster innovation and explore different brand positions in order to evolve legacy businesses.

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Episode 82

How Podcasting Fits Into a B2B Manufacturing Marketing Strategy

Featuring Iris Weeden, Director of Marketing at MacroFab

Should B2B manufacturers step into the already-crowded podcasting arena? Iris Weeden, Director of Marketing at MacroFab, says the MacroFab Engineering Podcast is the company’s content engine with the added bonus of generating leads and revenue. She shares how the podcast drives traffic and conversions to the website, how they’ve grown to 5,000 downloads per week, and how they choose topics for the podcast and blog.

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Episode 80

Manufacturing a Virtual Factory Tour

Jeff and Carman discuss ways to harness technology and staff to make virtual factory tours while prospects are social distancing due to COVID-19.

Many manufacturers have not stopped working during the pandemic and they have continued to buy and sell from other manufacturers. So how does the sales team close a B2B sale without having the factory tour as a successful “club in the bag” when prospects are social distancing? Jeff and Carman discuss ways to harness technology and knowledgeable staff to make a virtual factory tour a personalized, meaningful experience for each prospect.

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Episode 79

Why Marketers Should Build Accessible Websites

Kula Ring hosts Jeff and Carman discuss integrating accessibility features into your website and how they harmonize with conversion goals.

Why do marketers avoid website accessibility considerations? In this episode of The Kula Ring, Jeff W. White talks about where marketers fall short when building websites and web content for all users, and how accessibility features and conversion goals can work together to build a good user experience.

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Episode 78

Common Mistakes Marketers Make When Building Websites

Kula Ring hosts Jeff and Carman discuss factors that impact website design and common mistakes marketers and designers make when they build websites.

Websites that marketers and other stakeholders are being asked to create are more and more complex, and at the same time, generic templates are on the rise. On The Kula Ring, Jeff White talks to Carman Pirie about how marketers can move beyond the aesthetics of the web build to thinking holistically, considering how information is organized and ensuring it meets accessibility requirements.

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Episode 76

How to Be a Future-Focused Manufacturing Marketer During COVID-19

Kula Ring hosts Jeff and Carman discuss how manufacturers can repurpose current marketing efforts into digital opportunities during COVID-19.

With trade shows and conventions postponed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), what can manufacturers do to showcase new products and services they had lined up for 2020? In this special episode of The Kula Ring, Jeff and Carman talk about how manufacturing marketers and other internal stakeholders can adapt to this new reality by moving parts of their business online and serving customers digitally.

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