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Episode 164

The Dynamics of Recruiting in an Evolving Marketing Industry

Featuring Jerry Bernhart, Principal of Bernhart Associates Executive Search

Jerry Bernhart, the Principal of Bernhart Associates Executive Search, is our latest guest on The Kula Ring Podcast. Jerry started recruiting in the marketing space in the late ’80s, but when the internet interrupted and changed the world, Jerry knew there would be a huge need for marketers so he jumped all-in and focused more on recruiting, working with organizations like HotJobs, and Monster.

Listen in to our conversation with Jerry, as he shares this 30+ years of knowledge and advice on the best recruiting practices for attracting and retaining top talent, his opinions on remote/hybrid work, and his point of view on the future evolution of the marketing industry.

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Episode 149

Transforming Engineering Knowledge into Engaging Marketing Content with Technical Writing

Featuring Adam Kimmel, Technical Content Writer & Founder + Principal at ASK Consulting Solutions

Among the manufacturing marketers we talk to, developing technical content that is engaging and meets engineers at their level is a significant challenge. In this week’s episode, Adam Kimmel—a technical content writer for engineers and founder of ASK Consulting Solutions—shares the tricks of the trade. Learn from Adam how to translate engineering knowledge into engaging content people actually want to read.

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Episode 134

How a B2B Manufacturer Successfully Sells on Amazon

Featuring Melissa Monteith, former Channel Marketing Leader, Retail Channel Lead for Fluke Corporation.

Should B2B manufacturers sell on Amazon, or do the challenges of maintaining control over branding and pricing outweigh the benefits? In this episode of The Kula Ring, Melissa Monteith, the former Channel Marketing Leader, Retail Channel Lead for Fluke Corporation, shares how the company successfully sells on Amazon. She talks about leveraging product content and integrating it with the Amazon experience and shares advice for maintaining brand control and meeting other common challenges that arise when hosting a B2B channel on Amazon.

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Episode 118

How a Manufacturer Leverages a Distributor-First Ecommerce Model

Featuring Jeff Bercume, Director of CX Marketing at Berry Global.

How can manufacturers leverage their distributor relationships through ecommerce? In this episode of The Kula Ring, Jeff Bercume, Director of CX Marketing at Berry Global, shares how the company’s subsidiary brand,, operates as an ecommerce site with a distributor-first model. He talks about how the website’s workflow is geared towards distributors, and how this ecommerce configuration can address capacity issues across manufacturing.

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Episode 102

Game-Changing Lessons from The Kula Ring’s First 100 Episodes

Featuring Jeff White and Carman Pirie, co-hosts of The Kula Ring.

In celebration of the first 100 episodes of The Kula Ring, co-hosts Jeff White and Carman Pirie reflect on three game-changing lessons shared by podcast guests over the years. First, reconsidering marketing projects—apps, Ecommerce builds—as iterative, evolving “products”; a conversation with Monique Elliott, former Chief Marketing Officer at ABB Electrification Products, Industrial Solutions. Second, they highlight Greg Palese, VP of Marketing for Klein Tools, and his interview on connecting your brand to higher-tier issues, not just “quality” broadly. Finally, the co-hosts touch on Lisa Butters, GM of GoDirect Trade at Honeywell, and how a legacy manufacturer can drive innovation.

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Episode 74

Building a B2B Marketplace Using Blockchain

Featuring Lisa Butters, General Manager for GoDirect Trade at Honeywell

Building trust on an e-commerce platform is about more than just posting pictures and prices. How can manufacturers digitize the $4-billion per year used aerospace parts industry while ensuring transparency? In this episode of The Kula Ring, Lisa Butters, General Manager for GoDirect Trade at Honeywell, talks to Jeff and Carman about how blockchain technology is key to winning over sellers to use the GoDirect Trade marketplace, how they’re drawing on the intuitive design of B2C platforms, and why a legacy manufacturer like Honeywell is driving this innovation.

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Episode 59

Meeting Your Customers Where They Are

Featuring Michael Blake, Director of Marketing at KM International

Michael Blake, Director of Marketing for KM International, joins Jeff and Carman to discuss his company’s ecommerce launch, the evolution of their trade show strategy, and how he thinks video will be the differentiator between manufacturers that get ahead and ones that fall behind. In discussing these different marketing and sales tactics, Michael gets at the heart of KM International’s forward-thinking strategy: meeting their customers where they already are.

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