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Episode 78

Common Mistakes Marketers Make When Building Websites

Kula Ring hosts Jeff and Carman discuss factors that impact website design and common mistakes marketers and designers make when they build websites.

Websites that marketers and other stakeholders are being asked to create are more and more complex, and at the same time, generic templates are on the rise. On The Kula Ring, Jeff White talks to Carman Pirie about how marketers can move beyond the aesthetics of the web build to thinking holistically, considering how information is organized and ensuring it meets accessibility requirements.

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Episode 77

Why the Funnel is Flawed for B2B Manufacturers

Kula Ring hosts Jeff and Carman on why the inbound marketing sales funnel fails B2B manufacturers and how to humanize marketing for target accounts.

The inbound marketing sales funnel suggests there’s an unlimited amount of traffic and leads, but how does that strategy scale when you’re a manufacturer with a limited number of prospects? On The Kula Ring, Carman Pirie and Jeff W. White discuss why the funnel doesn’t work in a B2B context and how manufacturers can shift to a more human-centered approach that focuses on a small number of target accounts using a blend of campaign tactics including inbound and account-based marketing strategies.

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Episode 76

How to Be a Future-Focused Manufacturing Marketer During COVID-19

Kula Ring hosts Jeff and Carman discuss how manufacturers can repurpose current marketing efforts into digital opportunities during COVID-19.

With trade shows and conventions postponed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), what can manufacturers do to showcase new products and services they had lined up for 2020? In this special episode of The Kula Ring, Jeff and Carman talk about how manufacturing marketers and other internal stakeholders can adapt to this new reality by moving parts of their business online and serving customers digitally.

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Episode 74

Building a B2B Marketplace Using Blockchain

Featuring Lisa Butters, General Manager for GoDirect Trade at Honeywell

Building trust on an e-commerce platform is about more than just posting pictures and prices. How can manufacturers digitize the $4-billion per year used aerospace parts industry while ensuring transparency? In this episode of The Kula Ring, Lisa Butters, General Manager for GoDirect Trade at Honeywell, talks to Jeff and Carman about how blockchain technology is key to winning over sellers to use the GoDirect Trade marketplace, how they’re drawing on the intuitive design of B2C platforms, and why a legacy manufacturer like Honeywell is driving this innovation.

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Episode 73

How to Evolve Your B2B Brand Message After an Acquisition

Featuring Cathy Dodd, Vice President of Marketing at PolyOne

Any time a manufacturer acquires new assets, the brand evolves along with their customer base. How do you manage your communications strategy to keep pace with mergers and acquisitions? Cathy Dodd, Vice President of Marketing for PolyOne, talks to Jeff and Carman on The Kula Ring about how PolyOne created a campaign called “Challenge Accepted” to bring clarity to their brand messaging across a broad range of industries using customer feedback, buyer persona work, and through consolidating their website to better serve as a solutions-driver for their customers.

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Episode 70

Maximize Your Resources by Consolidating Your Tech Stack

Featuring Jon Sujecki, Director of eCommerce and Digital Marketing at Enerpac

With a small centralized marketing team tasked with digital transformation, step one for Jon Sujecki, Director of eCommerce and Digital Marketing at Enerpac, was to evaluate the company’s websites. On The Kula Ring, Jon discusses with Jeff and Carman the challenges and benefits of consolidating their tech stack, including sacrificing flexibility to be able to do more for less.

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Episode 66

Engineering a Manufacturing Marketing Skill Set

Featuring Jason Cappiello, Market Intelligence Analyst at Kanthal

In this episode of The Kula Ring, Market Intelligence Analyst Jason Cappiello describes how Kanthal (and its parent company, Sandvik) approaches hiring and developing skilled talent—including marketers with technical backgrounds—for a complex B2B business. He discusses his own journey, which took him from an engineering degree to a sales role to his current manufacturing marketing position.

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Episode 55

Using a Listening-First Strategy to Create Effective Marketing

Featuring Jen Miret, Director of Marketing, Bendheim

Jen Miret, Director of Marketing at Bendheim, describes the listening strategy she uses to create marketing that resonates with specialty architectural glass and systems customers. Tools such as keyword research, social media, and public relations enable Jen to identify market opportunities so that Bendheim can better serve its customers.

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Episode 51

Manufacturing Better Marketing, Sales, and C-Suite Alignment

Featuring Irina Kem, Director of Marketing at PACKPRO Systems

Irina Kem, Director of Marketing at PACKPRO Systems, is on a mission to smash the glass wall between marketing and sales. With over 15 years’ experience in B2B marketing, her advice to younger marketers is to get out of their offices and into important conversations happening between the sales department and the C-suite. Without a better fundamental understanding of their own business’s processes and pain points, Irina says marketers are setting themselves up for failure—but the path to B2B marketing success becomes clear in this episode of The Kula Ring.

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